Thursday, February 2, 2012


I sit in front of the computer,
captivated by images.
Minutes turn into hours.
It suddenly occurs to me that
my life is ticking away
while I sit transfixed.
Day into night into day
and though I sleep at the usual time
the next day finds me
back in front of the computer .
Should I be worried
that I'm perfectly happy
enclosed in a box,
while the world keeps turning
on the other side of these four walls ...
or so it seems.

Turn, turn, my wheel! All things must change
to something new, to something strange;
Nothing that is can pause or stay;
The moon will wax, the moon will wane,
The mist and cloud will turn to rain,
The rain to mist and cloud again,
To-morrow be to-day.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I'm loving the wheeled contraptions of Dina Merhav. Take a look at her website here.

Flight by Dina Merhav

Live Fence by Dina Merhav. See website here.

Magdalena Abakanowicz

Mari Skarp. See website here.

Dandelion by Jake Beckman. See more bicycle art here.

Look carefully for the bicycles in this piece by Arman. Website here.


  1. I regret going off without my camera this week. We were in an area where Amish live. Someone had made a fence across the front of their property with old metal wheels. It was fabulous. I wish I could show you. If I get back into that area I will definitely have my camera in hand. I hope you wheel into the weekend full of fun.

  2. Absolutely amazing blog, most inspiring. Thank you for the hours you spend in front of your computer and sharing your Journey through Art Propelled.

  3. big wheel keep on turning... delightful!I especially liked the cow with wheels. do you think they are original to the piece?? thanks for thoughts of what wheels can turn into!

  4. Love the way you've noticed wheels everywhere ... even in unlikely places.
    Love too how your mind turns and turns and always finds themes in the less-thought-about places... Robyn...such a gift for seeing.
    ...and thanks for the link-in!

  5. Yes we are sometimes enclosed in a box but that's just one version of being in the turning world - as long as we step out of the box & into the world it's fine....balance...on a wheel ;)

    Love the pram by Mari Skarp, the beautiful wall of bicycles & the medecine wheel. Lovely.

  6. These are so wonderful and inspiring, they make me want to run to the studio! Thank you for inspiration and the movement!

  7. You 'see' the most inspiring pieces! I'm so happy you take the time to share - love how your mind turns.

  8. Love the ancient and the new. Smitten with the Abakanowicz piece! I sometimes spend the early morning by the fire checking my bloglist... and then feel strange that I was staring into the box when all around me are birds at the feeder and fire in the hearth. Oh well, its this moment in time, I'm not worried too much yet!

  9. Lisa, whenever I leave my camera I find great photo opportunities. The fence sounds wonderful.

    Thanks so much Edward!

    Lyle..... Rollin, rollin, rollin on the river :-)

    Sophie, glad to have your work in this post.

    Emma, yes it's all about balance. Roll on Autumn.... I need to be outside working.

    Lori, I love posts that make me want to rush to the studio so thank you for the compliment.

    Judy, thank you!

  10. Valerianna, I know the feeling. When the birds are all out noisily getting on with their day I wonder why I'm not out there too. At the moment the heat is my excuse ;-)

  11. je n'ai pas de mots... c'est simplement superbe!

  12. Robyn, There is so much delight here! My favorite is the baby carriage, though it seems a bit sad, I love it! Thank you for giving us all this work to ponder over.
    Somedays I don't go near Tumblr
    because I am always there for a good hour when I need to be painting!

  13. Wow! Such a fun post. Wouldn't the dandelion be something to see in person! and the leaves with the woven circle both whimsical and sophisticated- a bit of a contradiction, loved it!

  14. What a great post! Love the building with bikes and the person looking out. The bike through the tree. They are all inspiring!

  15. The light through the wheel of leaves is so captivating!Interesting to see one items, such as wheels, used in such a variety of ways! Love Sophie's painting too.

  16. Yup the wheels of time keep turning and each day I find myself enthralled by things on the internet many beautiful websites and blogs out there.... and you find so many of them and introduce them to us (thank you).

    I love the wooden cow on wheels!

    Jacky xox

  17. You and I have the same problem. So many beautiful things out there to see. What a shame that we actually have to sleep, huh? So much I love to work on art wise... and then I have to figure out what's for dinner - should I vacuum today! It never ends. Thanks for finding all these beautiful pieces!!!!

  18. What a delight these are! .. and wheels are circles! And the computer .. it has provided me with an amazing art education!

  19. I must now sit glued for an other ten minutes to see more images - I know your tumblr will be chock full of goodies tonight.

    More time in front of laptop/tv on couch...does that count?
    Oh - and I am also blissfully happy.

  20. Hey, Beautiful! Hope SA is treating you well, and your sculptures are making you happy.
    Hugs across the miles; you're quite wonderful, you know...
    Love & Laughter,

  21. yes
    and I have the cold
    and winter
    tho - so different this year
    wheels, mandalas, radiant citrus
    solar emblems
    I too am sometimes
    going around
    in circles
    a trajectory - a path

    what a wonderful post
    you do always hit on "it"
    thanks so much Robyn

    circles and grids...
    in love with blood oranges,

    xox - eb.

  22. The thought you put in every post could be a sermon in some spiritual forum. Thanks for the inspiration and offering of appreciation.

  23. OMIGOSH, I can hardly stand it,,I am obsessed by all things with wheels!
    Excellent, remarkable post!

    Psst: Someone told me an I.V. and a catheter are a computer freak's best friends,,,,but I can't get the coffee beans in the I.V.

  24. I hear John Lennon singing, "I'm just sittin here watchin the wheels go round n round. I surely love to watch them roll. No long riding on the Merry Go Round. I just had to... let it go."

    big paradox in that association.


    So when death comes with his wagon wheels spinning to carry us off, we'll be saying, Oh no no. Please, Let me check my Tumblr one more time. :)


  25. What a fun post Robyn...just love everything!!!

  26. Yet another wonderful post. So much inspiration in these images and again, always so fascinating to see how different artists use and interpret the same object.

  27. Elfi, superb images indeed!

    Annie, I also felt sadness looking at the baby carriage . It riminds me of Anselm Kiefer's work. I've also cut back on Tumblr but am certainly making up for it on Pinterest!

    Shayla, The dandelion must be quite a big sculpture so I'm sure it will be quite striking.

    Lisa, I'm wondering whether they ever take the bikes down for sale since it is a bicycle shop.

    Leslie, I keep finding more images so have started a Pinterest board .... but I'm sure you noticed :-)

    Jacky, as if you need me to find MORE links ... but it is fun!

    SoZeQue, ah well the older we get the less sleep we need ... or so they say. As for hoovering and dinner ...UGH!

    Jann, moving circles .... even more captivating!

    Grrl, I'm wondering what I ever did without Google .... Duh... got a lot more work done, that's for sure!

    Velma, indeed.

    DJ, you are a breath of fresh air, thank you! (I should give you a soap box to stand on :-)
    Glad to see you are painting again.

    eb, you always make my imagination spin around and around because your words create tantalizing pictures in my mind.
    "then a trajectory - a path opens" .... love that thought! xox

    Robin K, thank you so much for saying so.

    Babs, lol.... I will not go that far!

    Mansuetude, I forgot the Lennon song! If the wagon wheels roll by about now I would have to say Oh no no..Please let me check my Pinterest one more time. Blush... I have one more addiction. xox

    Thanks Cynthia.

    Thanks Seth, I'm wondering where you find the time to visit blogs, write your posts AND do all you have to do to promote the book.

  28. A glorious collection of wheeled wonders - always treasures to be discovered here in your world .


  29. I just discovered your blog! And I'm so happy for that.

  30. great images again. me too,either in front of the computer or sleeping while life slips away......

  31. R-I just smiled and smiled and when I stopped that I really appreciated the crazy creativity of the artists. Thank you so much for sitting in front of your computer searching inspirational and uplifting stuff for us. B

  32. What wacky wheels! Is there no end to people's imagination. Thanks for all the greatlinks.

  33. What a wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing this art with us, Robyn.

  34. A soap box, huh? I can do better than that...
    Love & Laughter, Deej

  35. amazing works of art dear Robyn... so glad you have found these in the box for us to view.

  36. The time you spend with the box is part of your art I think, because you are researching. What we all love, us fans, is that you share your research with us.

    This is a most fabulous blog and resource. Many thanks.

  37. Hi Robyn, a creative feast so inspiring - I love the simplicity of Jamie Newtons tin cans and the use of shadow.

  38. Your time in the box is appreciated by us all. Thank you!

  39. I know what you mean Robin... and time seems to be moving faster too.. how is that? Funny thing about human curiosity.. it is never satisfied.. hope it never is.

    my best to you.

  40. You always find the most inspiring pieces! LOVE the work you've shown, Robyn, absolutely fascinating!
    Thanks for all the links.

    Gaby xo

  41. You always have such richness and variety of art and artists no matter what the connection between them.

  42. What a wonderful post and no - do not be worried about being so happily enclose in a box - it is an amazing box that actually opens up to a whole new world!

  43. Thanks Judith.

    GyPsY, glad you are enjoying my blog :-)

    Liz, ..... but we are exercising our brains while parked in front of the computer ... well that's what I tell myself.

    Barry, don't thank me .... it's my favourite pastime :-)

    Jo M, no end to arty imagination!

    Kim H, that's what blogging is all about.

    DJ, .... a soap box on wheels?

    Laura, the internet is a constant source of wonder.

    Judy Martin, thanks so much. I love the research!

    Kim S, the beautiful photo is part of the charm.

    Thanks Carole.

    Gwen, it's a good curiosity isn't it?! It's not going to kill the cat :-)

    Thanks Gaby, enjoy!

    Thanks Donna,

    Thanks Heather .... and what a world!

  44. I love the bike in the tree, being absorbed by the tree somehow. Great post. Dave