Friday, September 9, 2011


Loops. Corrugated iron sculpture on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. (Artist unknown). Photographed by Abby T. See Abby's Flickr photo stream here.

"When I discard something, I betray it. When I find it, conceive a vision of it renewed, and make art from it, I redeem it. All objects have the potential to be redeemed through art, to be transformed through human vision." - Stephen Derks

Rose Red City by Rosalie Gascoigne. Corrugated Iron. See more of Rosalie's work here.

Corrugated cardboard collage by Louise Nevelson.

Collage and cement artwork by Andrew Crane

Stitched and painted collage by Jeane Myers. See Jeane's Flickr photo stream here.

Cardboard Collage Textures by Callum Chapman. See here.

Painted collage by Scott Bergey. See Scott's Flickr photo stream here.

Corrugated cardboard sculpture by Alex Uribe. See more sculpture by many artists, here.
Caterpillared by Brad Smith. Architecture and package design students from 49 schools throughout North America were tasked with creating chairs constructed only with corrugated board and glue. See more amazing pieces here.

Mixed media collage by Malcom Willcox. See more of Malcom's work here.

Mixed media collage by Malcom Willcox. See more here.

A corrugated sea .... Why not? See more of Michael Meal's photographs here.

"Art! What a concept! It saved my life! A place where you can do as you please! " - William T. Wiley


  1. Beautiful post, my favorites are the Nevelson (she is a hero of mine) Jeane Myers and Scott Bergey.
    Thank you for all the work you put into these posts. It will take me days to check out all the links
    So glad that Digby is doing well, kisses as always! xoxo

  2. Cool. I remember seeing a whole lot of amazing corrugated stuff when I was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Most amazing when was the foundation architecture ( or design?) students had to make a basket thing that would protect an egg when dropped from the top of one of the college buildings. Many eggs DID survive the drop!

  3. i am liking malcoms the most...seems so fresh!!!

  4. Wow, I wonder how sturdy those students' chairs are....really cool art.

  5. These are lovely... some of the textures remind me of an old building i saw exploring old Charlestown SC last week; and the "low country" area around Beaufort South Carolina (one of American's older coastal towns) where an old church scaffolding remains from 1750 made of whitish oyster shells, lime and white sand... colors so lovely. It sits among these huge sweet old lumbering water oaks, Spanish moss dripping down luminous with sunlight among graveyard shadows, and such silence.

    I hope you are well, and Digby too. Thanda to you!

  6. hello Robyn, thank you so much for including my work in this amazing post - I love the corrugated sea photo so

  7. many artists, I shall have to spend time studying each one...another great post Robyn!

  8. It must be a usual concept to have students make furniture out of cardboard. A young friend of mine had a collage art course and one of her projects was to create furniture out of cardboard. She made a chaise lounge. A fun project. These samples you have shown are fun to see. They set the mind to work wondering what one can do.

  9. I liked the top one very much. It reminded me of the Mesquita at Cordoba. Collage is an interesting art form I think Robyn.

  10. Ah, Rosalie! Can't wait to check out all the other artists here.

    Living in South Africa you must see lots of "corrugated" seas, such great waves there!

  11. Great post with a lot of great works!!

  12. Cardboard is such a great medium - you should really check out this guy's stuff!

  13. Great choice of artworks, media and materials. I love using corrugated cardboard in my paintings, too; it's a wonderfully versatile material. Thanks for this wonderful collection and all your work.

  14. mmmm fabulhoot! corrugations of all kinds speak so strongly of aussie country vernacular .... iron, cardboard, sea (roads...) - the look is familiar - so 'home' thanks for a lovely share

  15. beautiful.

    one of my best moments, i think, was having my work mentioned on the telly in Oz some years ago in the same breath as Rosalie Gascoigne and John Wolseley. I know i'm not in their league but it felt good.

    off now to follow up all those nice links you always provide, thank you

  16. I look forward to each post you gift to us Robyn. They are works of art in themselves, the way you connect the dots between works, across genres, across time.

    Love Wms quote - Art - a place where you can do as you please!

  17. Great set of shots and links Robyn. Will have to come back and click on them all and have a proper feast! I'm imagining the sound of running a stick over all those ridges!

  18. ahhhh!
    very iconic stuff for us Aussies... we even have corrugated roads here.
    A lovely concept Robyn!!
    Had a long chat with a most interesting person from your part of the world last night ... i was sharing things Ive learned and gleaned from visiting you over time... and places like the Drakenbergs etc... She was saying how much she misses the landscape!
    In a way your blog is a window onto that geographical and cultural region even though you are frequently showcasing artists from around the globe. Still... the sense of place from where you are seeps into what you share!
    Which adds another whole dimension to visiting!

  19. A clever theme for a post. I love the touch of the corrugated sea at the end.

  20. Dear Robyn, you take us on a new journey here, of lines and folds, dark and light. I love the use of corrugated cardboard in collages and here, in Jeane's work especially. Hope you are having a wonderful day today...

  21. All of these so patterned and tough...but also somehow visually soft in some ways. Glad to be back here amongst all of this amazing art you find and link for us. Thanks Robyn!

  22. Now I live in Australia, these images all feel like home.

  23. I love the first image of the corrigated loops and of course Rosalie Gascoigne, I found a piece of crumpled corrigated iron at the tip in the shape of a bow tie, one day will be an artpiece.

  24. These are wonderful, so textural. Especially love that piece of Jeanes... collaged and stitched. It's wonderful!!!

    Jacky xox

  25. good one, robyn. i like the variety you's a window of sorts into an idea.

  26. Sigh.....heart's been so long. You never disappoint. I will be up all night looking at each and every link. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.

  27. You always find some sort of connection - corrugated - and then you find such fabulous artists.. and the corrugated sea? shows how we can find such connections everywhere around us- imagination and living in the moment.

  28. As an Australian, corrugated iron is a classic building material- don't know why because it just heats everything under it. Some wonderful pieces here.

  29. Annie C, I hadn't seen this Nevelson collage before so it was rather nice to discover it.

    Valerianna, interesting about the egg "baskets" especially since they didn't break when dropped from a high building.

    Paula, Malcoms work does seem fresh since I'm usually drawn to the more neutral colours and his pieces suddenly brighten the post.

    ArtistUnplugged, some of the cardboard chairs are probably very sturdy. I've seen some on a show here and was quite surprised.

    Mansuetude, the old buildings you describe sound quite beautiful. All is well here and Digby is growing by the second ... or so it seems.

    Jeane, who ever would have thought corrugated cardboard could look so good!

    Cynthia, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Lisa at G, I saw tables and armchairs on a student show, made from cardboard and porridge paste. They were quite amazing and very strong. It's always interesting to see what can be made from discarded materials.

    Weaver, the more collage I see especially by internet friends the more intrigued I am.

    Collage Whirl, yes there certainly are good waves here in South Africa, especially in the Cape.

    Thanks D-Ana Fernandez.

    Heather, thanks for the link. The mind boggles at all the ingenious ideas out there.

  30. Sue, the corrugated cardboard must provide such wonderful texture in paintings. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Ronnie, by the sound of it I think South Africa and Australia are similar in many ways.

    India, you have mentioned John Wolsely before but I've just googled him again and so enjoyed seeing his work.

    Leslie, thank you and so glad you enjoyed the Wiley quote.

    Annie, I'm giggling at the thought of running a stick along the ridges. We have probably all done that some time in our lives...... some more than others :-)

    Sophie, how wonderful that my blog is like a window into South African life...thank you!

    Seth, as you know once you focus on an aspect of art you see that aspect everywhere. Everywhere I look I'm seeing furrows and grooves, hills and dales.

    Roxanne, I've enjoyed the journey too :-)

    Leanne, great to see you back in the blog world!

    HHnB, corrugations sweet corrugations :-)

    Kim, looking forward to seeing the bow tie transformed some day !

    Jacky, indeed, they are all exciting aren't they?!

    Velma, a window into an idea .... I like that.

    Karen Cole, lol.... don't stay up all night now.

    Donna, isn't it great to see the world through artist's eyes?!

    Don, don't you just love the sound of rain on a corrugated iron roof?

  31. Wonderful have hit on a favorite material of mine...I even like saying 'corrugated'.

  32. wonderful collection of art...I love the way you have included the ocean photo with the other corrugated images and the quote by Stephen Derks is fantastic!

  33. what you share on your blog is food for the soul... love it, thank you.

  34. Oh Robyn, you have opened a whole new world for me. I don't have words to express my appreciation. I am new to collage and I am so inspired by the artists and materials you present. Thank you. I love your carvings, so mystical and full of love. Thank you for sharing your art and your thoughts.

  35. How do you keep coming up with these completely inspiring collections of stunning creations?

    To keep working in a supermarket more interesting I fell in love with packaging - corrugated cardboard with the top skin partially ripped off is my favorite.

  36. Hi Robyn! My favorite is the corrugated sea, but that's the surfer in me...

  37. Brilliant and inspiring post and your quotes really speak to me too!

  38. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I've truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!