Tuesday, March 8, 2011

......AND THE WINNER IS .............

Paper Quilts, Assemblage by Lynne Perrella. See series here.

The winner of Inside the Painter's Studio by Joe Fig is ...... Cerulean!
Congratulations Eric! Please email your postal details to me ASAP.

Eric Adama is a mixed media artist from the Netherlands whose work I have been admiring for some time. See Eric's blog, here.

Paper Quilts, Assemblage by Lynne Perrella

Thank you so much Lynne for being guest blogger on Art Propelled. Your review of the Joe Fig exhibition certainly got my heart racing as I'm sure it did for everyone reading it. Thanks too for the generous prize!

"Always and Ever" Collage from The Ancram series by Lynne Perrella

All the pieces you see in this post are from Lynne Perrella's two new series, Paper Quilts and The Ancram Collages. It was difficult choosing my favourites so please visit Lynne's website here to see them all together.

"Life Lessons" Collage by Lynne Perrella


  1. Congrats to the winner!!
    Love the artists at work post below!

  2. Congratulations to the winner! Such a prize is very valuable for an artist... I like Lynne Perrella's Paper quilts - with fresh, but at the same time softly put down colours and whimsical trees... I'm glad I visited her website, otherwise I wouldn't know the two Ceremonial Figures that I associate with icons and "The face in the Crowd!" If all crowds were like this one!:)
    Thank you, Robyn, for initiating this kind of a post - you don't stop sharing with us your art discoveries! Have a nice Day!:):)

  3. Hello Robyn and Lynne,
    That's really a nice surprise! I'm never a winner in competitions etc.
    I enjoyed visiting Joe Fig's website and his miniatures, so I'm very glad with this book.
    Thank you both very much.

  4. Beautiful collages. I have always felt that in a way your art is related to collage in that you choose where to put individual items. There is such an art to it - and I do so admire the work you do.

  5. I loved the images in this post. Lynne Perrella's website was filled with many more of these paintings that not only please the eye but the senses. She makes me want to get right to work on my mostly empty journal!

  6. Congratulations Cerulean. How lucky you are... it's a wonderful prize. I loved Joe Fig's work and am a fan of Lynne.

  7. Yay! for Eric! You are one lucky dog! thanks for showing us Lynne's work! I enjoyed!

  8. I have some catching up to do... love Lynne Perrella's collages- and Cerulean is the lucky one this time.

  9. Congrats to the winner!! Well done Cerulean. I love Lynne's work - it always blows me away with its remarkable detail. Oh - and I have changed my blog url, Robyn. It's now: http://debrinaaltered.blogspot.com/
    Come on by and say hi! Don't be shy (not that you ever have been, lol!)

  10. What a lucky win! I've just been lost in Lynne's website - wonderful.

  11. ahh, Robyn everyone that reads your blog "wins" !

    great deep images.

  12. Lynne Perrella is a great storyteller with her assemblages.

  13. preciosa serie en el que el verdadero ganador es el arte que brindas a quien tiene la suerte de ver tu blog !!
    un saludo.