Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Safe House by Kim Schoenberger. Found objects, metal and clay. See Kim's blog here.

When I set out to do this post it was not with the Twin Towers in mind but it was difficult not to think of 911. David Nash did not set out to create a sculpture with Twin Towers in mind either but he found himself carving An Awful Falling 911, from a piece of beech wood. You can read a full post about David Nash on the blog That's How The Light Gets In.

An Awful Falling 9.11 by David Nash. See more of David's towering pieces here.

On to more positive imagery. I find Richard Shilling's land art very uplifting. Generally, landart overlooking a wide landscape gives me a good feeling, as do all the towering sculptures featured in this post. Scroll down to see the innovative work of Ken Munsie.

Land Art by Richard Shilling. See Richard's Flickr photostream here and his website here.
Iron House by Hao Ni. See Flickr photostream here.

Tower of Pans by Sally Mankus. I LOVE this piece! See Sally's website here.

Tower of Babel by Clifford W. Tresner. Photograph by scilit on Flickr, here.

Ceramic sculpture by Mary Fischer. See more of Mary's work here.

Ceramic Sculpture by Mary Fischer. See more of Mary's work here.

Ceramic sculpture by Christina Wiese. See website here.

Sculpture by Barry Smith. Rosegum and rusty metal. Height 1.4m. See Barry's website here.

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Towered by Ken Munsie. Timber, metal and paper. See website here.
Chain Mail by Ken Munsie. Timber, metal and paper. See Ken's website here.

Sculpture by Dave Kinane. See here.


  1. Oh Robyn, they are all amazing. David Nash's work is gut-wrenchingly, hauntingly beautiful and like you I LOVE the tower of pans by Sally Mankus! Am also very proud of my 3 buddies Ken, Kim and Barry!

  2. beautiful gorgeous images of incredible artworks! what a visual feast!

  3. They're all marvellous but I especially like the work of
    Mary Fischer. Thanks for the link.

  4. They are all unique but I especially like the Tower of Babel. It's a great idea for an illustration.

  5. Strangely, it's actually Land Art by Richard Shilling that immediately gave me goosebumps. It has a fragility that made me feel scared!

    Mary Fischer's sculptures gave me a warm fuzzy feeling on the other hand and I love the Tower of Babel as well.

    Thanks for another stimulating collection, Robyn :)

  6. Excellent
    thank you for sharing

  7. I still don't know how you find all these wonderful artists but please keep doing it!

  8. Dear Robyn, it won't be enough to say that this post is interesting. It's INTERESTING and amazing...:) I looked at the tower as an object from so many points of view, thanks to you! But I am most respected by Richard Shilling's sculptures! Some of them as if are built by nature, not by a human's hand - they seem to be a part of the landscape! I liked so much those, built from and with snow/ice...:)

  9. Totally blown away by the Tower of Babel and Mary Fischer's work Robyn. That tower house is absolutely stunning. I love the minimal aspect of it. Dave Kinane's sculpture is amazing too. So much to see I can see me settling down with a coffee to check out all the links. Hope you are having a good week. It is grey and wet here.

    The Twin Towers have cast a huge shadow over the world which will never be forgotten. Its tragedy has inspired people to create, which is something good coming out of something negative.

  10. It is so funny. I haven't thought about David Nash in over 20 years. But, just yesterday, I was trying to come up with his name. Are linked in our brains? Ken Munsie's work is wonderful!

  11. Coo'eee! There's just so many places I can annoy you now! x;D

    Once again a truly inspiring post...the Tower of Babel piece is just incredible

    Big love from Confused (and itchy!) UK!

  12. so many interesting towers...I have to say there is something about the tower of pans that speaks to me as Mom.

  13. Love the work by Hao Ni. I love reading your posts, you always find such interesting work to show us.

  14. Makes me want to go out and build towers, love stacking rocks to make small ones, and if I had enough pans I would have a go at making that one, but they are all amazing in their own way.
    Thank you for once more finding things i would never even look for. Oh and I have to say I knew Barry's as soon as I saw it.

  15. Glad you showed work by fellow Texan Mary Fischer. I'm a fan of hers.

  16. Great post.I just visited the link to David Nash, another beautiful blog!
    Thank you for sharing.

  17. I like anything done with rocks but the chain mail is nice.

  18. Hi Robyn, Your selection of artists who create towers makes me think of Brancusi's "Infinite Column"--and the tower that Jung built himself to work and dream in--what a wonderful subject to ponder!...Check out this link for another of David Nash's sculpture:

  19. I am amazed at the thought to make a tower from And it looks great!
    Thanks for the views of all of these interesting sculptures Robyn!

  20. Fiona, you have very talented friends!

    Luthien, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Ro, enjoy! There are many wonderful Mary Fischer sculptures out there. It was difficult trying to choose only two for the post.

    Priya, I look forward to your Tower of Babel illustration. I know it will be good!

    Wild C, follow the link to Richard Shillings blog and photostream. You will love all his work as well his thoughts about his art.

    SKIZO, ... and thank you for visiting my blog.

    Collage Whirl, thank you, I will keep on blogging because it's fun!

    Rossichka, Richard's love of nature shines through his work which makes what he does even more wonderful.

    Cathy, enjoy the coffee :-)

    Mary Z, so that's who reminded me to google David Nash. It must have been you :-)

    Mimilove, oh Glory-be, it's you again :-)

    LauraX, I'm pretty sure my face lit up when I saw the tower of pans for the first time.

    Carrie, Hao Ni's piece is even more amazing close up in the detail photo. Lovely rusty bits!

    Penny, yes Barry has a distinctive style. Love his work!

    Don M, I have notices there are many talented Texans around :-)

    Cerulean, David Nash is an old favourite of mine. Glad you enjoyed the link.

    Lisa at Greenbow, Ken Munsie's work is most unusual isn't it?!

    Hannah, thanks so much for the feedback. More to contemplate! Off to check out that link too.

    Leslie, as you know, artists have the most wonderful imaginations!

  21. I love this collection!! What a pity that I cannot walk around and look in, over, and under each piece (and possibly steal a touch).

    I must say, that tower of pans really does something for me too.

  22. oh, good pieces, much to look at and ponder. really nice, robyn

  23. Sometimes buildings and structures are taken for granted...I know I do it...these pieces made me consider the variety of ways that they are vulnerable and interesting and reflections of us. The 911 buildings are haunting, I love the white clay structures, I love the textures of all of them!

  24. you come up with the most creative wonderful ideas for bringing artists works together-- and we get to find out about artists who work in sorts of mediums- what a good deal!

  25. There are some amazing pieces here. And of course, new links. Thanks once again!

  26. Dear Robin-yes...difficult to think of towers without 911 coming to mind. You have (once again) picked so many great artists. I especially love the Tower of fantastic is that!!And the ceramic sculpture by those 2 birdhouses, the curves and the stark white...all very organic and graceful..LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    Things were ever so hectic last week Robin-doctor appointments etc so happy to have found some time to paint:) Oh!!!And can you believe how Tara is growing so fast!!! Sending you lots of hugs across the miles xxx

  27. Very interesting log. A lot to look at, it gives me ideas.

  28. Your posts always amaze me. Loved Richard Shilling's rock structure. More indepth study time needed.

  29. Robyn, you always find the most compelling art.....I knew instantly that sculpture was Barry's talented work.
    It's hard not to remember 911 so a piece dedicated to the tragedy is quite fitting...i can still clearly see and feel the moment as can most others I'm sure.
    As my anticpation grows I'm off to visit these incredible artists and their work...

  30. amazing... the 9.11 piece gave me shivers...

  31. All very interesting Robyn, but David Nash's work seems especially poignant and really speaks to my soul...

  32. Another sweet find -

    just when I need to corral the inner hoarder..

    the pans are amazing.

    Thanks for showing Sally Mankus's work.

    Anything that makes you look up has to be inspiring.

  33. Oh odd, I was sure I had left a comment here...always amazed at the depth and breadth of your posts, Robyn. I have passed on you info to others. Really enjoyed Richard Shilling's tower.

  34. Thank you for sharing this intriguing tower exhibit. Lovely lovely post once again. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  35. So much amazing work, I don't even know where to begin in commenting on it or following the links. Every time I visit your blog I want to become a sculptor.