Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Rice Grain Porcelain by Eeva Jokinen. Website here.


If light pours like water
into the kitchen where I
with my tired children,

if the rug beneath us
is woven with tough
and the yellow bowl on
the table

rests with the sweet heft
of fruit, the sun-warmed
if my body curves over the

and if I am singing,
then loneliness has lost
its shape,
and this quiet is only
- Rachel Contreni Flynn

Woman carrying bowls in Mali by Hansjoerg Klein. Flickr photo stream here.

Tiny wooden bowl from Herriott Grace, here.

Lichen Bowl by Joe Hogan. Website here.

Bowl full of Blues. Photo from Seldom Scene Photography, here.

Bowl by Lidia Serra. Website here.

A sea of little ceramic bowls by South African ceramicist, Cathy Brennon. Website here.

Exquisite little bowls by Priscilla Mouritzen. See Blog here.

Nasturtiums. Woodblock print by Cressida Campbell.
Beautiful enamel bowls by Helen Carnac. Read an interview with Helen here. Helen's blog, here.

Still life by stylist Nan Whitney. Website here.

Cambodian Amulets. Photo from Photography in Malaysia, here.

Bowl of Everything by RG


  1. ooooh loving the lichen bowl and the one by helen too. more stuff to go visit :) bowls are FUN. you have found some beauties.

  2. Bowls are my favorite objects. Everything can be put into a bowl. Bowls are for gathering (receiving). Bowls are for serving (giving). I love them all!

  3. ~such is beauty in this post...words and images...the rice grain bowls...my heart be still...ever so gorgeous...thank you for sharing this links with us...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Exquisitely beautiful in every way. Thanks for putting this collection together for us. I continue to love your posts. They always uplift me.

  5. I adore bowls Robyn!
    What a divine collection.... there's something so humble yet dignified about a bowl!

  6. I always have a bowl of fruit on the table. Bowls are like a world unto themselves. Planets with a world within.

  7. It is amazing how important a bowl is to all of us! we'd be in trouble without them! thanks for reminding me!

  8. Robyn,
    This is one of the best posts I have seen lately; the selection of objects and their links is superb, and the way you present them equally unique.
    You composed a post in such a wonderful story telling manner; starting with the morning light through Jokinen's amazing lacy bowls and concluding with RG's Bowl of Everything, a symbol/wish of abundance, and a promise for future art objects and posts to come...
    Thank you!

  9. I am a bowl lover too. What a presentation you've given us today. Thanks, Robyn

    xoxo Kim

  10. Sometimes we need to be reminded of our love of something....as I was reminded anew of my love for the simple elegance and embedded meaning in the bowl.
    I've used them in my artwork, in two dimensions on a flat piece of paper, but there is nothing more wonderful than the possibilities to be found in the basic bowl form in the world of tangible objects. You've done it again.....warmed the hearts of your devoted followers anew! Thanks so much and thank you for my birthday wishes!!!

  11. Nothing says as much as a bowl does about any civilisation - it is utiliterian, it is beautiful, it shows off the designs and patterns of a culture - some lovely ones in this post.

  12. magnifiques bols..on ne sait le quel choisir..à la fin , je prendrai le bol nature..un petit nid, pas très utile mais absolument nécessaire!
    comme toujours un beau billet!
    un petit salut de la suisse..

  13. So wonderfully overwhelming! What a feast for eyes and inspiration. Gorgeous all!

  14. You are always finding beautiful things to share..I always look forward to your post, I so enjoy them.
    Thank you,

  15. O, yes, wouldn't mind finding some new bowls under the tree ! :)

    a tea bowl, one of the most intimate sensual of things.

    great links

  16. Another fabulous post Robyn, all lovely works....the photo of the woman carrying bowls....she just exudes joire de vive and her smile is so infectious!

    And, at first I thought you were actually "cooking" your lovely "Bowl of Everything" ...but when I looked closer I realized the what I thought looked like steam was actually a delicate feather ;o)

    See you on tumblr (that is if it doesn't stop crashing!)
    I must say I have become a total addict!

  17. I like the comment that bowls are worlds within worlds...they suggest the variety of experience of all people and how basic and necessary bowls are to us all. I loved the rice bowls glowing and the poetry beneath...all of the images were prompts to my imagination, thank you

  18. thank you for this delicious selection. there's something so satisfying about bowls [i usually limit my cooking to "bowl" food for that reason]
    they can hold actual things
    the promise of something
    like those of Petrus Spronk...

  19. Wonderful poem, the wood block print is beautiful and your wooden Indan prnt blocks well I would love some of those, slowly trying to collect a few but so hard to find in Oz.I think we can all enjoy bowls of 'things' I have several around my house, so much fun to see what others have, I suppose bowls are the universal container.

  20. Love the "everythings" in your bowl.
    Something so simple as a bowl - what would we do without them???

  21. The poem bought tears.....
    The images made me want to reach out and hold.

  22. Dear Robyn...what you have done with color here. And the yellow bowl poem is exquisite. I especially love the bowls by priscilla, what a beautiful shape they have. roxanne

  23. How many ways can I say "thank you"? How many bowls are in the world? Can I try for that many times? Maybe....

  24. So many gorgeous art items here. Busy hands, happy hearts, making such beauty! thanks for the links.

  25. Such a lovely poem. And such gorgeous work by all these artists and crafters. Love every single one of the bowls. Thanks, Robyn. Gloria

  26. Beautiful bowls, I have many mostly in blue and white which I adore.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog.

  27. hmm.. the lichen bowl is very covetable... but your bowl of everything

    tells the story.

  28. Robyn - such beautiful images; serene and calming. Thanks again for introducing us to some other artists who we feel that 'across the world connection' to as their work speaks to us so readily.

  29. Your bowl is super!
    It has ofcourse nothing to do with "the super bowl" ;-)

  30. bowlfuls of beauty.. i must say I love little bowls almost as much old wooden boxes...the lichen bowl reminds me of a few similar flora type baskets I bought in St. Pete Florida..another wonderful art community. You do find the best visuals...mmmmm!

  31. What eye candy...those bowls!

    I have loads of bits lying around here...

    ...maybe a bowl post will appear next year :-)

  32. magnificent bowls and poetry...thank you as always Robyn for introducing us to more amazingly gifted artists!

  33. Oh that woodblock print! I have such a thing for those. And as usual - how you find such treasure troves of beautiful art out there, I'm amazed!

  34. again

    ...tumblr is a bumblr

    (had to say it in public+
    wink wink


  35. I love them all! Cressida Campbell's print is superb (and expensive) - I'd love to purchase her book! What a visual feast!

  36. Those rice grain bowls are gorgeous, and perfectly photographed to show their intricate designs.

  37. Wow- I'll have one of each, thank you.

  38. Love the new blog style Robyn. When I first opened the page I thought I had reached the wrong blog. Love the bowls too. My favourites are the sea of ceramic bowls (they all look diffeent) and the lovely decorated blue bowl by Lidia Serra. That shade of blue is quite magnetic.

  39. love this..agree with "visual feast": expecially Mali bowls and Cambodian amulets

  40. what a wonderfull collection, makes me thinking......

  41. Looking at these beautiful photos I found out that I associate bowls with home, family, warmth, protection, food, cosiness... The poem looks simple, but is strong,emotional. And your bowl... I recognized your style at once, Robyn! It's like Eeyore's "Useful Pot to put things in"!:-)

  42. What a divine collection, Robin!
    All are amazing, but my favourites are the lichen bowl and the one by Lidia Serra.

    Happy December!
    Gaby xo

  43. I guess it goes without saying that I love the lichen bowl and your collection of things:)

  44. Love, love these bowls! I have a small collection of kitchen bowls from the 30s, 40s and later.

    The first photo makes me happy just to look at it. I love her smile. The last two pictures make me want to rifle through the bowls, fingering each treasure.

  45. R - Thanks for this reminder of the many forms, uses and meanings of bowls. I find that tjhey are one form I come back to in my work - I think because of the connection with holding and creating a whole out of collections of bits. B

  46. Robyn, I often read your post and think about it before I comment. The yellow rice bowls have stayed in my mind for days with their elegant shape and decoration. I especially struck by Cathy Brennon's bowls with their internal lace. Wonderful work!

  47. O.M.G. Bowls! Is there anything prettier? I love bowls!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Now I will have to take pic's of my collection!

  48. the vessel
    the bowl
    the keeper of

  49. Beautiful poem and images. I have always had a thing for bowls, too. At least now I know I'm not the only one! Thank you for this post.

  50. Robyn-I LOVE that poem...it just soothes me all at once. And I just love your collection, presentation, thoughtfullness and...bowls! The circular forms are so organic...the photography superb...LOVE LOVE LOVE!Thank you so much for putting this together.

  51. Just love the Helen Carnac bowls and enjoyed the link to her blog. Beautiful post.

  52. So lovely to pour through all of your photos and travels - it's been way too long!

    Such wonderful bowls, I especially love the ones atop her head - the colors, the amazing balance, but especially her fabulous smile!

  53. I enjoyed the photos, the colors are amazing.
    Enjoy your day!

  54. Paula, Helen's bowls are amazing aren't they .... and of course Jo's woven bowls make one feel so close to nature.

    Kim, I can't help thinking of my mom when looking at some of these bowls. Not only was she a potter who made beautiful bowls but she was always filling bowls with something delicious to give to anyone who needed cheering up. Handmade bowls of fudge, peanut brittle, scones, trout or oyster pate ..... and then there were the steaming bowls of soup waiting on the table on a cold winter's night, which always tasted better in a handmade bowl.

    Faerwillow, warm wishes to you too and thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks so much Margaret.

    Sophie, humble yet dignified .... I like that.

    Lisa at Greenbow, when my lemon tree is heavy with fruit I keep a big wooden bowl full of lemons on my dining room table. A bowl of plenty.

    Lyle, ..... and if they are beautiful so much the better.

    Anna M, thank you so much for noticing the story line.I love the light shining through Eeva's porcelain bowls onto the old wooden table.

  55. Kim, I find I get lost looking at all of these..... a meditation of bowls.

    Patti, a particular artwork of yours has just come to mind. You are so right about the embedded meaning. Something to think about.

    Pat(Weaver), each comment brings to mind so much more than what is in this post. Shards of ancient pots ..... beautiful!

    Elfi, so glad you enjoyed the post.

    Thanks SKIZO

    Linda Sue, a feast indeed. This post could have been so much longer but I had to curb myself from overdoing it :-)

    Katelen, thank you :-)

    Mansuetude, I'm hoping for a few myself.

    Baska, indeed!

    Cynthia, the woman from Mali is amazing isn't she?!Talk about Tumblr addiction :-)

    Lrc, yes i enjoyed Lisa's comment too. Contained worlds within each bowl.

    India, now i want to limit my cooking to bowl food too!

    Penny, once you start looking its quite surprising what we have in bowls around the house.

    Oogleboops, actually I now realize I have a shortage and need many more.

    HHnB, I thought I was the only one feeling the poem.

    Roxanne, shapes to hold...

    Leslie, thank you :-)

    Femminismo, I'm thiinking of the imprint of potters hands ....

    Gloria, it was a joy doing this post.

  56. Blu, yes I love blue and white too. Many inherited willow pattern pieces as well as the chinese rice grain porcelain.

    Thanks Grrl, follow Jo Hogan's link to see many more amazing pieces.

    Fiona, they are calming aren't they?!

    Gwen, exactly!

    Wim, ....or soup :-)

    Lisa J, bowls or boxes.... they are all containers and we love them!

    Chris, looking forward to your post!

    LauraX, it is always a pleasure!

    Heather, I find them with great enjoyment.

    Seth, indeed!

    Caroline, Oh there's a book? Hmmm I'll have to take a peek.

    Azirca, I fell in love with the photo too.

    Sharmon, yup .... I totally agree.

    Cathy, there's something about a sea of ceramic bowls....

    Moez Superyucca Ketepo, the Cambodian bowl makes my fingers dance. It just looks so weighty and old.

    Mieke, they do tend to make one think :-)

    Rossichka, I aslo associate bowls with nurturing. Eeyore's useful pot to put things in ..... Thanks for bringing back a memory!

    Gaby Bee, Happy December to you too.

    Lucky Dip Lisa :-)

    Stevie, she has such a beautific smile one can't help smiling with her.

    Barry, glad you enjoyed the variet of bowls.

    Hannah, I have experienced the joy of holding one of Cathy's dainty lacey little bowls in my hands.

  57. Angela, I love to share with those who appreciate the things I love.

    Neva, aaah yes..... your words bring calm. Thank You.

    Heidi, there must be quite a few of us!

    Soraya, I thought you would love the poem!

    Thanks Di.

    Beverly, its all in the smile :-)

    Thanks Thinker.

  58. Wonderful Post.
    I am happy to have found your blog.
    Greetings from Germany

  59. Hi Robyn,

    Wow, those porcelain bowls at the beginning are so incredibly delicate. I love the way light passes through them. A great collection.

  60. Wow Robyn, too many comments for me to read, but am sure I am echoing others in expressing appreciation for a such a beautiful and meditative post. I look forward to following up some of the links. You have quoted one of my favourite poems. I featured it on a post this year in April, relating to an artist. So much to look at here, a delight!

  61. I know I have been very busy but I did think I had left a comment-- my memory is fading I think..
    I love the lichen bowl especially-- though all of them are lovely in their own ways.

  62. The lichen bowl gets my vote...if we had to vote, which I know we don't. Wonderful all.

  63. Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope all your wishes come true for you and your family.


  64. Thanks Ralf. I have enjoyed browsing through your blog.

    Karine, the light shining through the bowls caught my attention too.

    Pam, I've been "bumping" into this poem all over the internet and each time I read it I love it even more.

    Donna, when there are so many links its very easy to wander off and get lost along the way.

    Don, the lichen bowl reminds me of a flycatchers nest.

    Thanks so much Gaby. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas too.

  65. These bowls are fabulous, the bowl of everything my favorite.

    Happy Christmas!

  66. Ooooh!!! I am such a bowl girl!! I so enjoyed this post!!
    Robyn... I want to wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season. I look forward to seeing your new work and posts in 2011!! xoxo

  67. Beautiful bowls and a comforting poem. Thank you. I'm bedazzled by Helen and Lydia's bowls.

  68. Do you know Robyn, I think this just might be my favourite post of the year. And that's no mean feat as every single one of your posts is just delicious. I love bowls... they speak to me of comfort and sharing.

    Reminds me also of the poem by Alexander Pope...

    "...mingles with my friendly bowl,
    The feast of reason and the flow of soul"