Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Assemblage by Benita Murray. Antique Tin exhibition at the east Gippsland Art Gallery, here.

I never get tired of the rusty stuff ! Benita Murray's work caught my attention after I had been browsing through many images of heavy masculine sculpture. Her work is more feminine than most of the metal art one sees, probably because she incorporates the heart motif which does seem to 'soften' many of her pieces.

Another assemblage from Benita Murray's exhibition , Antique Tin.

Benita creates assemblages using rusted sheet iron, tin fragments, steel mesh and twisted cables and rods.

"To be honest, I fell into using the rusty stuff because I love hanging around old farm tips: the ones with great piles of rusted metal built up over generations’ - Benita Murray

Scrap metal architectural panels by John Unger. Website, here.

Junk wall by Schultz. See here.

Queen of Heaven (Shrine to La Virgen de Guadalupe) by Hope Swann. Website here.

Liberated Flow by Frank Strunk. Website here.

Inner City Found Object Assemblage by Don Pezzano. See Don's Etsy Shop here and blog here.

Rusty. Photograph by Jurek Durczak. Flickr photostream here.

Rusty Sculpture. Photo taken by Steve Benway. Flickr photostream here.

Pipe Vase with insulator flowers by PaulaArt. See Paula's Etsy Shop here and blog here.

Fish sculpture by Murray Ambler. See Sculpture on the Edge, here.


  1. Love rust. I have been meaning to go and look at our farm rubbish dump, but its been so wet I cant get out there, and then its snake season! sigh! I do love wandering around the back of the farm sheds, but I am afraid it is a young womans job not mine any more as the arthritic hands dont much like playing with large bits of metal any more.

  2. robin, to be included in one of your infamously beautiful blog posts is like.... THE BEST!!!!
    thank you so much, i'm having fun looking at all of these wonderful works/artists. brilliant works!!

  3. Wow...this stuff is great! I'm so happy to have you here to do the research for us. You always find the very best stuff. Some of them are just so different from each other too. I could have any one of these in my house though. Great inspiration.

  4. Dear Robyn-I just LOVE rusty goodness! all the stunning shades of ochres, sienna's and crimson excite and soothe all at the same time. I love reading your blog...you really put so much time and effort into researching different artists for us...thank you!
    On a personal note...that is kind of strange thinking we may have gone to the same photo studio! All of life is connected and we were just destined to "meet" :) xxx

  5. Robyn,

    Thank you for adjusting my perspective on rust! Your post is a testament to the way in which rust, like any other medium can be used in a myriad of ways. I'm partial to John Unger's multilayer panels which suggest all manner of leaves, seaweed and the connectivity that takes place with growth.

  6. I too love all the rusty stuff-- and how creative artists find and use rusty stuff in their work- and you have some of the best ones here.

  7. oh I loved this post Robyn! after living in Sedona for so long, I am sure that rusty is in my blood! I love the color, the texture and everything about it! thanks for so many great links!!

  8. Rust is like fireworks for me. I scrolled through these pictures and I coo'd "Oooooh! Ahhhhhh!"

  9. Oh my... I think I've died and gone to rust heaven!
    Fantastic collection of rusty goodness!

  10. Oh, that junk wall! Stunning!
    I want one!

  11. Great set of shots. I'll have to do my usual thing of coming back later, otherwise I'll never get out of the house this morning. Thanks for collecting them together for us.

  12. époustouflé..la rouille est ma copine et ces sculptures.. superbes!
    je reviens pour regarder de plus près!

  13. Thank you for bringing together this wonderful selection of rusty assemblage. It is all very inspirational. I particularly like 'Liberated Flow'.

  14. Penny, just before my husbands family sold their farm I said we really ought to find the old rubbish dumps and see what we can find. I'm kicking myself for not following through because there would have been a treasure trove of wonderful things from vintage bottles to rusted farm equipment.

    Paula, they are all brilliant aren't they?!

    Teri, it's great fun finding them too.

    Thanks Soraya, destined to meet I'm sure :-)

    Hannah, I've been drooling over John Unger's panels ever since I discovered them.

    Donna, the best indeed!

    Cat, I wonder what the next trend will be.

    the Black Purl, there's an Oooh- Aaaaah chorus going on!

    Azirca, glad you like the post.

    Leslie, me too!

  15. Annie, I know the feeling. It's always a matter of just one more, just one more and the next thing I've lost hours.

    ELFI, you are most welcome.

    Ian, it's a pleasure.

  16. Blogue com criações sempre espectaculares e inspiradoras.
    Parabéns continuação de bons momentos, felicidades.
    Até sempre.

  17. OOoooo these are all interesting. I especially like that face on a wall. I just saw a big rusty sculpture situated in a restored prairie. It is fantastic. It looks like a barn and silos on one side and a city scape from the other side. You could even step up on it and look through the window.

  18. What a delightful celebration of rust!...

    ..so many textures and colours..

  19. Some spectacular rust here, that junk wall is something to spend days exploring. Thanks for finding the unusual as always. xox Corrine

  20. Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring and spectacular!

  21. Beautiful rustic and poetic art.

  22. I really like that architectural panel!

  23. Robyn, what a FANTASTIC collection you have put together. Looking forward to this evening when I can view all of the art along with a glass of wine.

    Once again, thank you for your time and energy in putting together another collection of wonderful artists.

  24. rust lovers unlimited!! amazing compositions of not the easiest materials to work with......and seth of altered page better check all this out with his love of rustiness!

  25. Well thanks to all these wonderful rust posts about the web (this being one of the best) I found a big rusty iron ring in the woods and I took it home. Now what?

  26. Your collections and posts are so inspiring, Robyn. I love rust and the wonderful uses of it here are captivating. Like Annie, I will have to come back again with more time available to delve deeper. Your posts are like a well of cool drinking.

  27. Fantastic - can't wait to rummage through these websites!

  28. Another damn fine post. So nice to be surrounded by such wonderful artists.

    There is something about rust- maybe it reminds us of our own ageing?
    When you look at a rusted piece of metal you can say it has lived it's life- maybe it has seen better days but it is still there. Even after it's 'life' as a tin can or bolt it has survived and lives on in some form. Maybe a better form?

  29. I am a rust lover too! also flakey paint on old doors.

    Lovely blog post. Best wishes Blu

  30. i never tire of rusty stuff either, and this is a magnificently diverse and rich collection. as I scrolled down I kept thinking, oh, this is my favorite; no this is amazing; oh my... but they all offer something wonderful! thanks, as always Robyn!!

  31. As a lover of rust...I love this post!

  32. Fabulous stuff! Really enjoyed this, thank you.

  33. Thespa, indeed!

    Paulo, welcome to my blog.

    Lisa at Greenbow, the sculpture you saw sounds intiguing!

    Chris, amazing how many colours in rust.

    Corrine, it would be wonderful to see the junk wall in person.

    Gail P, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Thanks Orly.

    Heather, I would love to have one ... or two!

    Kim, my pleasure.

    Neva, it's not easy to work with .... and it stains clothes :-)

    Jackie, put it where you can see it often and eventually it will tell you what to do with it.

    Maggie, a well of cool drinking .... that sounds wonderful, thank you.

    Caroline, enjoy!

    Don, maybe a better form ... until it disintigrates.

    Blu, yes flakey paint on old wooden doors .... wonderful!

    HHNB, my pleasure.

    Karin, glad you enjoyed the rusty goodness.

    Seth, I thought you might enjoy this post!

    Patricia G, it was fun finding the rusty stuff.

  34. I must admit, I've always been attracted to the "rusty stuff" too...rust is like a story that is longing to be shared...it tells us it is ok to grow older, to be imperfect, to show our experiences out in the open, to accept life as it is and embrace it. And truthfully, I just love the color! It feels comforting and inviting to me. (btw I'm a redhead by choice)

  35. Dear Robyn, your posts don't stop to amaze me! Everytime I visit your blog I get excited! There's beauty everywhere - simply you must have the eyes to discover it and the talent to recreate it for the others, so that they could see and feel it, too!
    I've never seen such pieces of art till now - some of them are really charming! Wires and tenderness...!!!

  36. You really know how to find 'em, don't you Robyn! Awesome inspiration here. I don't know how you do it!!

  37. I think it's randomness or an elegance of random behavior inherent in the way rust develops beautifully- - manmade but touched by nature to capture the imagination. And what Laura said too

    love your choices. Each evokes a private thing in me

    Thanda thanda.

  38. Add me to the list of rust lovers!! I have collected alot of old and interesting pieces here on the farm. I am at a loss of how to put them together artistically- my husband wants to toss them, but he is slowly coming to my way of thinking, and occasionally will bring me home a rusty treasure that the rototiller or tractor has unearthed!!
    I love these - especially the heart one............

  39. Oh Robyn, you are after my own heart here....I adore anything rusty and what fabulous artists you have found that use this medium so well....thank you for posting about all of them...a delight, as always!

  40. Handsome log for those interested and you can count me in ;-)
    In my studio I have a pile of beach combing "sea iron".
    Once and a while I make something out of it.

  41. Hi Robyn,

    Many of the artists here in the desert work with rust. Even I have not been able to resist its lure. You have compiled a lovely collection, as usual.

    I find it rather interesting that we seem to have a love of old THINGS that doesn't always transfer to old PEOPLE. We are funny, aren't we?

  42. Thanks for this fantastic post, Robyn! Great stuff indeed... those junk wall is spectaclar! I'm crazy about rust, I don't know why - just do! There is something so interesting in rusted metal, isn't it?