Friday, July 9, 2010


Steine by Einhorn 3. See Flickr photostream here.

I've come to the conclusion that artists will stack almost anything for the sake of art. From rocks and bones to driftwood and tree trunks.

The City. Assemblage by Wayne Chisnall. See Flickr photostream here.

Found objects to furniture, boxes and shipping containers.

Book Tower. Wheeled sculpture by Wayne Chisnall.

Books, newspapers, concrete blocks, glass bottles .... you name it, it's been done.

Gloria's Piece by Kate Hunt. Newspaper, twine and steel.
Kate Hunt's series of work, made with stacked and bound bundles of newspaper is quite extraordinary. Visit her website here to see more.

Detail of Gloria's Piece by Kate Hunt.

Colony 45 by Randi Parkhurst. Website here.

Velma Bolyard's beautiful handmade papers. Blog here.

Sculpture by Tony Cragg.

Tony Cragg is master of the stack. See his impressive website here.

Assemblage by Tony Cragg

Beauty in unexpected places. Photograph of stacked sleepers by Craig Williams. Flickr photostream here.


  1. Oh Robyn,
    How do you find them, these are marvelous. You might like Droog, a design firm from the Netherlands and their stacked rag chair and their stacked repurposed drawers that make a case. Thanks for sharing as always.

  2. I don't remember where I first encountered your blog link, but (as I may have written before) I am glad to visit here. You have introduced me to a number of artists and ideas that I likely would not have found on my own.

    Am enjoying what I find here, and through visiting here, so thank you, Robyn.

  3. Well, of course we will. Odds? We'll stack those too.

    Thanks for the tour.

  4. Actually I had no idea how much I adore stacks until I feasted on each and every image here...I LOVE THIS POST! ! !

    I'm thunderstruck...chuffed (am I using that grand word corrctly here?)you might say...just lingering on each...tomorrow I'll return to visit the links...I can't wait!!

  5. Thanks Robyn, great work as usual! LOVE the first one with the head and stones.

  6. Oh yes and stacked fire wood, but I dont think I had realised that the bundles of paper that are stacked waiting to go to the recycler could be a form of art!
    What fun.

  7. I can see how the artists are drawn to certain things. It is fun to put them all together. Stackers are fun.

  8. Impressive stacks! I love Tony Craggs work and if I ever shift again I wan't him on my side! lol!

  9. have been very tempted to stack things found in studio in such piles...trouble is then they develop lives of their own...found a brilliant stacked pile today while driving down highway 101 on the west coast of the USA
    someone had stacked stones from a roadworks on a roadside post
    more exquisite than many things spotted in art galleries recently

  10. Greetings Robyn,

    I am sorry that I have not been around due to health issues, because I can see that i have missed so much wonderful posts of yours.

    I do not know how you do it, but your posts are a treasure throve of education, inspiration and above all, a visual delight.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  11. What a great set of images. I just love the final close up of the sleepers.

  12. Corinne, I will google Droog immediately!

    Leslie, we certainly will :-)

    The Crow, enjoy!

    Donna, very chuffed that you're chuffed :-)

    Valerianna, the first one makes such a great photo doesn't it?!

    Penny, I will send you an image of stacked firewood. There just wasn't the space to add any more.

    Lisa at Greenbow, it was a fun post to draw together.

    India, did you stop to take photos?

    Egmont, we've missed you. I do hope you are feeling stronger.

    Annie, the photographer just happened upon the sleepers. The colours are amazing aren't they?

  13. Lucky Dip Lisa, I've loved Tony Craggs work for a while but was amazed at how many new pieces I hadn't seen on the website. Just wonderful!

  14. Tony Cragg's work is so brilliant. Thanks for reminding me of his stuff. I think this kind of work is about ordering the chaos.

  15. That's it, I'm off to stack.....everything! Thanks for finding these Robyn, you have the best blog ever. x

  16. robyn, I hope you got to stack a few "z's" after this post! Its wonderful! and yes we all stack! I have tiny stacks of 1 inch black and white stones on my kitchen windowsill! lynne will love this post too! she is madly in love with your "door" as ever, thank you for all the research!

  17. I love this Robyn, they're so effective and striking as artwork.

    I saw the Tony Cragg ones in person at the Tate Modern the other year. Even more impressive in the flesh.

    Thanks for another inspiring and stimulating post. : )

  18. Ocean passports is my favorite.

  19. Every time - amazing artists and beautiful pieces of their art. Every time - a different journey in photos to something new and interesting. Your blog is extraordinary, Robyn! Thank you for enriching my soul and imagination!:-)
    I liked particularly Velma's blog and her handmade papers...

  20. Oh, I'm falling behind...I'm still breathless from the last post with the kimonos and your quilt piece...this post is just as beautiful but in a different way...Tony Cragg's work is mind boggling and amazing...thank you so much for these introductions to artists I would never have known!

  21. Isn't being an artist fun?! Stack, wrap, fold, tie, you name it, we get to do it. As always Robyn you picked out the best of the best!

  22. delicious stacks, another extraordinary post! as always such fun to visit your place!

  23. Anything in multiples is better. Any muliples stacked are even better still!

  24. these images are awesome... their beauty is so soft and intriguing.

    love them all

    thank you

  25. Yes, it is quite amazing what artists will collect and stack and layer and assemble-- it does seem endless and open and very creative-- and you always seem to find the best examples.

  26. ha! that's pretty funny, i'd never thought about it, but you're right. stacking can be very satisfying, and artists are very good at ti :) you've found some really beautiful examples - I just love the Einhorn head...
    great collection. xo K

  27. Keith ..... ordering the chaos ... I like that. My studio is a monument to the stack.

    Jo Archer, happy stacking :-)

    Lyle, you are right about the z's. I forgot about the time and the next minute it was dawn.

    Dan, wish I could see them in the flesh. It is time for another trip I think. The Tate will be at the top of my list.

    Heather, the name was wrong so I've changed it to the right one. Colony 45.

    Rossichka, the sight of Velma's handmade papers raise my spirits every time.

    Leslie, it certainly is! Love it!!!

    Mary Ann, Tony Cragg's website is amazing!

    Thanks Cat.

    Seth, multiple madness :-)

    Robyn, it was a fun post to do.

    Donna, endless creativity ..... enough to keep my heart racing.

    Karin, book stacks are my speciality :-)

  28. The stone face is one of my Flickr Favs too.
    Great inspirations, your blog is always such an uplift!

  29. You and your finds...(but mainly you!) are just a constant source of inspiration to me missus!
    Enjoy the footy!! (bt of a sore point over here!) x;0)

  30. Do you think I can call the stacks I have knocking around my home art too? Stacks of books, stacks of laundry, stacks of filing waiting to happen... ;o) I was fortunate enough to see that Tony Cragg glass assemblage at the Tate only a couple of months ago - awesome.

  31. Robyn,

    Thank you for introducing us to a virtual "stack" of new artists. As I looked at their work, particularly Tony Cragg's, I was reminded of Louise Nevelson's wonderful white assemblages. Isn't it amazing what artists think up?? The world is set on end...

  32. I have stacks too, unfortunately not of such artistic endeavours. You have posted some amazing examples here Robyn, A treat to read your posts - one always finds such interesting thought fodder here.

  33. I will be eyeing up my old wooden trolley at my library with fresh eyes now thanks to you, Robyn! Ha ha. I've actually moved into working with old recycled picture frame off first major foray into assemblage/sculpture. So far so good. This just adds fuel to my creative fire! Thanks too for your encouraging comment, re: the art fair: "wanting the perfect face" is actually my 2nd favourite to the advice box. B/W dream box, my least fav. Oh what a fickle world the art world is. Pure subjective.

  34. Beautiful, fascinating and amusing. Thanks for sharing this collection. I love seeing stacks and rows -- things lined up. I'm now motivated to form my piles into stacks.

  35. I find much inspiration from your posts! The stacking is fascinating--all of the layers and the precision. I really responded to the colors and the sleeping head nestled in the stones. Thank you again!

  36. Thanks for all these vicarious introductions! -J

  37. How to you keep finding such interesting content for your posts? I am baffled and amazed all at the same time! But mostly, I am in Awe!

  38. Wonderful and I love to see all these stacked up in your blog post! Thanks Robyn - a treat again!

  39. une belle exposition de tout ces créations.. une belle trouvaille!

  40. Another amazing post Robyn.
    How are the things going down there, is the World Cup fever over?
    Enjoy your week!

  41. Robyn thank you once again for introducing us to new incredible artists.

  42. Another great post Robyn...seeing the wold cup on TV and I thought of you...fabulous artists, all, but I am absolutely blown away by the work of Kate Hunt...

  43. Yayyy for stacking....Stunning work you have presented here. Your blog is fascinating, Images and words, beautiful balnce.

  44. This log suits my fancy !
    Stacking stones is one of my favorite ocupations.
    "Arman" was one of the early stackers.

  45. Lawendula, I just love Flickr!

    Thanks Mimi. You are very sweet :-)We missed the world cup closing celebration on TV due to a power failure. Here we go again. With the world cup over we will be back to regular power failures.They could have waited until the end of the closing ceremony at least!

    Kendalee, are they stacked artistically?

    Hannah, I would love to see Louise Nevelson's huge assemblages in the flesh. That would be something!

    Sylvia, there is so much interesting fodder out there and I just love discovering it.

    Debrina, can't wait to see what you are up to with the picture frame offcuts.

    Kim, my biggest challenge is book stacks!

    Lrc, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    Harnett-Hargroves, my pleasure.

    Curio, I think I have a problem. I just can't get enough of googling :-)

    Caroline, enjoy!

    ELFI, thank you.

    Thinker, World Cup fever is slowly fizzling out but there are still a few street sellers brandishing flags and world cup hats. A bit of an anticlimax!

    Katherine, it was a fun post to do.

    Cynthia, Kate Hunt's work has intrigued me for a while. I love studying the detail shots of her work. Just amazing!

    oneartistjournal, I agree.... Yay for stacking :-)

    Wim, Arman's stacked cars in concrete come to mind.

  46. i am one of those crazies who collects everything that you have mentioned above. don't know what to do with the stuff.
    i liked the assemblage by tony cragg.
    read your previous post too thank you for sharing the potters pages :)
    would love to get my hands on the book

  47. I love the stone face- peaceful. When my mother was in college her friends used to make a very different type of face- "bog men" they called them (I think they were ceramic) and put them in swamps to give people a start.

  48. Wow- an amazing assemblage of stacked items - artworks unto themselves. Brilliant!

  49. Well, I never! What wonderful works. Stacking has opened up a whole new world for me.
    Thankyou Robyn.

  50. I LOVE stacks. It is my attempt to organize. attempt being the key word here. Love that the artists managed to make art of stacks. Wondering if the artists are neat and tidy in their everyday people lives - or this is art as Stacks. Beautiful!

  51. How I love your posts! This is so fun.

  52. Great Post! Like HHnB, you have opened my eyes and I shall be seeking out "stacks" for my camera.
    (Enjoyed Tony Cragg's site immensely)

  53. thanda! stacks of it, of course. :)

  54. What an interesting collection you've put together here - I love the white vessels, so beautiful.

  55. Robyn, you do make the best posts. I get a whole art lesson when I visit. broadens my world each time! I was especially glad to be led to Kate Hunt, but also love the stacks on wheels. You're the best!

  56. So many lovely and fascinating links to follow Robyn. Anthony Cragg's work is amazing. I also love the books on wheels and the face in the rocks is gorgeous. You would make a brilliant museum curator.