Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What's this all about then?

She spends hours tinkering with that junk and it doesn't even smell good!

Much ado about nothing, if you ask me.

I'm not wasting another second of this glorious Autumn day .....

..... zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Your dog is such a cutie. Out of all the bull terriers, I think this breed have the nicest disposition, so gentle!

  2. he's just foolin ya, trying to get you to go away so he can sell it and get rich.

  3. Lovely companions! It's funny how they participate. My littlest kitty reached up a paw the other night and started moving collage pieces around! They are all napping right now too. Maybe we should follow their example. HapPy BiRthDay Robyn!

  4. Junk? Junk! What junk? I just see something magic - a beautiful dog lokking at a beautiful work in progress!

  5. Oh did I miss birthday? Happy day if I did.
    We had a lovely bull terrier but couldnt stop it from killing cats, much needed on the farm so didnt replace her, now I have an unknown, mostly kelpie from the pound who is now getting very old.
    Lovely to see a piece of work under constructuon.

  6. Now you never told me it was your birthday too, I'd have swaped cards earlier! Happy Days!

    I wish we could be that abandoned1

    I've just been to the Sri site! Boro is so beautiful.

  7. A-DOR-ABLE!! love the narrative voice of that cute doggie, seeing your work up close like this, and knowing you're having a sunny autumn birthday!

  8. a cute post. i love it that you are working at an outdoor table. so cold here. taking a cue from leslie, happy birthday to you!

  9. Robyn, Darling! What are you doing with yourself on this lovely day?If it's several hours ahead in SA, it may the next day, but I'm stretching out your birthday celebration to perhaps the weekend!
    After all, you're talented, smart, funny, industrious, hard-working, thoughtful, caring, nurturing, gregarious, and...
    what is that other word I always call you?
    Oh, yeh:

  10. This story is hilarious and that first photo is priceless. I can just see those wheels turning. Where's the treat?

  11. Looks like a perfect birthday day! Such cute little ones and love seeing your work table! Happy Birthday Robin!

  12. Thanks for the heads up on this adorable post with the very loveable Ben..he is sooo cute.. I just love that gorgeous roman nose and I bet it finds its way into plenty of places. Hopefully we'll be in bullieville soon too!

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Must be glorious working outside!

  13. Happy Birthday Robyn--what a glorious time to born!--And, what a fun way to celebrate with your companions...I'm intrigued by your piece laid out on the table. Hope to hear more about it!

  14. Heee! They are too cute! Warm that belly in the sunshine :)
    Birthday blessings to you, wonderful woman!!
    xoxox K

  15. I think they were trying to help!!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Robyn. Your dog is adorable, reminds me of the Target mascot.

  17. Oh I loved this post with your doggies. I didn't realise you were having an Autumn. We have the most beautiful Spring day here today. I've just been out for a lovely walk

    I also love the quilts (those colours) in your last post. Thank you for sharing :o)

  18. Love seeing your wrok in process Robyn! ...ohh and that last shot lolling in the sun asleep is just magnifico!

  19. Happy Daze indeed
    to you
    and your dogs
    love the lolling photo...

  20. That tinkering looks like a lot of fun. So do those dogs.

  21. Oh, this made me smile. Sleeping on your back in the sun. Life doesn't get much better. And I just love the fact that bull terriers always have a grin on their faces!
    Just like me right now.

  22. my cat used to jump up on my paintings while they were still wet-- have done much wiping of paws- but she is smart and has learned that it is a no-no.. I always love to see pictures of your bull terrier..

  23. This is so cute.. my sister and I were talking via email (since she lives on the farthest edge of Canada from me) just the other day about how we wished we knew what our dogs were thinking especially since they are such great attentive and loyal friends!!!

    oh and to your last post... I absolutely love those raw earthy fabric pieces...

  24. That last photo is absolutely priceless! If you don't mind, I'm going to copy it for my personal files and look at it every once in a while and smile (I promise, no posting anywhere, just for me!).

  25. What a great post, I can so picture all of this, but do they drink your coffee or tea? Mine the process knocking everything off the table to get
    to it, and also to eat the paper napkins!

  26. Funny to imagine what smells good to a dog. How little we smell compared. She wants to sculpt. Love the autumnal slants of light.

    Happy birthday blessings. Rejoice and be happy. Thanda

  27. Autumn sunshine is just glorious. Your last photo proves it...and such an interesting work space. I'd be just as curious as the dogs to see what you'd been up to. Happy Birthday Robyn! Hope you had time to be as laid back and relaxed as your little mate in the kennel!

  28. Ahhhh, that's better. It ain't called "A Dog's Life" for nuthin'!!

  29. Jasmine, I have always had a Bully.

    Paula, hahaa well I hope he shares the spoils.

    Leslie, I don't think we realize just how much our pets are a big part of our lives until they are away at the vets or wherever.

    Debrina, :-) Thank you!

    Penny, I did have a very happy day!

    Emma, he is rather abandoned isn't he

    Neva, he talks a lot .... usually on the in breath.

    Sukipoet, beautiful weather for working outside.

    DJ, my head is going to swell beyond recognition!

    Lisa at Greenbow, the first photo fills my heart with love.

    Thanks Mary Ann.

    Lisa, it is glorious working outside! As for Ben's nose, you won't believe how soft it is. Holding thumbs for you new Bully.

    Hannah, May is one of the best months of the year here in South Africa. The weather is perfect.

    Karin, thanks so much.

    Seth, actually I think you are right..... they ARE trying to help.

    Azirca :-)

    Maya, he can be pretty adorable.

    Love Stitching Red, the most beautiful balmy Autumn days!

    Cat, I have to admit that last photo tickles me. Its typical.

    India, lolling comes very easily to ben.

    Shayla :-)

    San, it was a fun day all round.

    Pamela, he loves to sunbathe and is always suffering from sunbearn which is quite a worry.

    Donna, glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Gwen, sometimes their expressions tell me exactly what they're thinking!

    Heather, please go ahead and enjoy!

    Corinne, if they could get to my mug they would drink it and paper napkins are their favourite.

    Mansuetude, I can hide a lemon , wrapped in a dish towel in my pocket and he will smell it. Lemons are his favourite food on a par with biltong.

    Thanks Ale.

    Pam, thanks, it was a very laid back sort of day.

  30. Happy Birthday Robyn!! i do hope you enjoyed the day. Sweet doggie. They make me smile.

  31. What a terrific set of photos of the studio helper pal!!
    made me smile from ear to ear!

  32. I guess that dog knows his priorities. Good thing he has little interest in your work. When my cat manages to get into my studio, little can be done He loves thread, beads, and distributing cat hair when I use glue.

  33. Hi Robyn, just letting you know I've posted your 'spots and dots' link:)

  34. Our good friends used to have a Bull Terrier named "Moon". He was the best. Smart and so strong. If he grabbed hold of anything with his mouth you could never get it out. His jaw would just lock down. Love that shot of him upside down. How sweet. When was your birthday? Another Taurus, like me? Happy Birthday to you. Do you ever put any of your stuff up on ETSY?

  35. Lovely seeing your studio assistants! That final pic is great!!

  36. My beagle on old age took a Lemon slice once in his life into his mouth The look on his face when he realized..... Well he didn't know what to do. Usually lemon gets a sure shake of no.

    He loooves anything I make of redsauce though.


  37. Who's to say she doesn't appreciate beautiful art just like the next girl?!

    I'd give anything to curl up for a cozy nap in the middle of the day - feet in the air and all!

  38. Dogs clearly know things we don't. Like how to really relax.

    Love seeing your work from a dog's eye view.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  39. Wonderful post! Really, he is such a cutie. So adorable. He is just having a good time.
    -Building a house

  40. well now,

    In all these times I dont think your hound has ever graced

    your blog..

    did I miss him/her?

  41. Oh, your dog is irresistable! Happy belated birthday, Robyn.