Thursday, September 24, 2009


Assemblage Box by Gaby Bieberle. Do click on the photo to enlarge. Visit Gaby's blog here.

There's nothing quite like a nature walk for soothing the mind and clearing the way for new ideas. Julia Cameron suggests walking for creative renewal. "We speak of 'food for thought' but seldom realize that as artists we need thought for food. Walking, with it's constant inflow of new images, gives us new thoughts that nourish us. It replenishes our overtapped creative wells and gives us a sense of ... well, wellness."

Small Collector Box by Gaby Bieberle

I have found beautiful images which take me back to my childhood on the farm where I spent blissful days wandering through veld and forest, gathering treasures. I remember idyllic beach holidays pottering in rock pools, filling pockets with cowries and pebbles. My mind bubbled with ideas. I couldn't wait to get back to my notebooks and write them all down. Nowdays I keep a tiny notebook and pencil stub in my pocket when I go walking ..... and a folded packet for gatherings.

Maine Collective by Lisa Jurist. Mixed media collage/assemblage. Visit Lisa's blog here to enlarge the photo.

"Every year, as a family we spend a week in Maine on the cusp of summer ..... before the crowds arrive. It's a wonderful, peaceful opportunity to search for natural treasures hiding in the marshes, beaches and woods." - Lisa

Stones decorated with symbols 1 by Jos van Wunnik. See more of his intriguing work on Flickr, here.

Stone and Wood with Hole by Jos van Wunnik

Virgin Stone by Jos van Wunnik

Super Spore by Richard Shilling. See more of Richard's land art here on Flickr.

Colour Leaf Sun Star by Richard Shilling

And now for pure enchantment .....

Photograph by Jeff Owen Photos. Sculpture by Bruno Torf. Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden, Marysville, Australia.

There are (or were) hundreds of the most stunning sculptures in Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden, Maryville, Australia. Earlier in the year bushfires swept through the garden and destroyed many of them. Go here to see more..... I insist :-)
Photo by Gavin Anderson


  1. Charming. I always return home from a woodland ramble with various and sundry treasures in my pockets.

  2. So fresh...fresh mind, fresh images, fresh blog...I love it.

  3. You always come up with the most interesting artists. I too like to walk to get the cobwebs out of my head. Especially when I don't want to walk or do anything. The best thing to do is walk. Have a great weekend.

  4. as ever you bowl me over with your discoveries! we came home with pockets full of stones,too!none as gorgeous as the ones you discovered! lyle

  5. I love when you post Richard Shilling's work. And those rocks for some reason remind me of the black lava rocks I picked up in Iceland, just because.

  6. I'm practically weepy with delight!! Lisa's assemblages are wonderful, and I just got back from paging through all of Jos van Wunnik's rock collection - those photos are gorgeous, I can only imagine the stones themselves in person... Richard Shilling - well, he's always a favorite :) and pure enchantment is a perfect description for the Bruno collection. what i'd give to take a walk by any of these artists creations, or through the environs that influence them. thanks Robyn, I'm leaving uplifted, my imagination strolling along...

  7. Such inspiration in this entry. I came across that nature assemblage box just the other day and loved it, it's so well thought out and put together.
    I also like the super spore sculpture and colour leaf sun star by Richard Shilling, very fabulous indeed!

  8. Nothing like nature! You really pulled a great selection of images here. Might be fun to be a fly on the wall when you go searching for images for all your wonderful, themed posts!

  9. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful artists-- of course I LOVE the stones and Bruno's sculptures are simply fabulous. And yes, a walk gathers your thoughts and you always pick up something or write something down.

  10. Very thoughtfull post on wellness. It should be very much helpfull

    Karim - Creating Power

  11. Thanks for introducing some new artists Robyn. Fabulous stuff! I'm already a fan of Gaby's work, but am off to check out the rest. (I definitely want one of those pixies in my garden!)

  12. Gorgeous post, Robyn. every photo is fascinating. As you know, walking is a daily habit of mine and I often feel that my real desk is out in Nature rather than in a room at home. We share a similar inability to come home empty handed, although sometimes it's with shots on the camera rather than stones in the pocket! Thanks for the links to new artists to browse.

  13. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous work inspired by the natural world.

  14. Robyn thank-you so much for stopping by my blog this morning and leaving your comment. I always love stopping in yours and soaking it all in. It is such a visual feast. An excellent way to start an inspiring day!

  15. Pamela, it makes it that much more interesting doesn't it? Even one or two pieces brought back in your pocket adds up over the years.

    Hong Yang, thanks so much. I was delighted to find all these images.

    Lisa, some early mornings I could quite easily go back to sleep rather than walk but afterwards I feel so rejuvenated.

    Lyle, the squam photos I've seen look brilliant. With all those artists gathering pebbles its a wonder there are any left!

    Heather, I've never seen so many amazing rocks as on Jos van Wunniks Flickr site. He collects many of them on a beach in Normandy and so many of them have holes in them.

    Karin, Lol... I thought you might enjoy the rocks. So glad you are weepy with delight :-)

    Azirca, that assemblage box makes me want to rush out collecting specimens immediately!

    Seth, my family shake their heads when they see me transfixed by my finds. Apparently I have a problem.

    Donna, a nature walk is like a refresher course on appreciation.

    Thank you Karim.

    Star, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Jo, you should see the rest of Bruno's sculptures.

    Thanks Annie, it was a walk in nature for me :-)

    Elizabeth, gorgeous indeed!


  16. i agree about the early years, those hours of outdoors and freedom in childhood; explorings.

    A wonderful post, the sculpture garden is wonderful, alluding to a lot of literary characters for me, too. I am going walking!

    I need Silence, too--for food, stillness. And sunlight. And this blog!!!! :)


  17. Thank you so much for introducing me to wonderful new artists, Robyn. One could almost live in their computer chair! I really love your Blog and you are going to become a part of my everyday.

    Hugs, Gaby

  18. Walking opens up worlds of new thoughts and "finds" of all sorts...thanks for sharing some of your beauties.
    Never would I have found this site...Bruno's scupltures...thank you so much, what a tour!

  19. Exquisite stuff Robyn - I especially love those stones decorated with symbols.

  20. So many of these works speak to me. I have been a collector of natural elements along with rusted things - probably one of the reasons your works touch me so. I am just mesmerized by the art of nature.

  21. oh, jos' stones.... yes, yes, yes...


  22. Thanks Mansuetude,enjoy the walk:-)

    Gaby, tell me about it! I need to discipline myself to one hour a day on the if that will ever happen.

    Mary Ann, I missed my walk today because of the rain and feel quite sluggish.

    Weaver, the stone in the tree is particularly interesting.

    Kerri, they're great aren't they.

    Lynne....yes ....LOL

  23. That's terrible that so many scultpures were lost to the flames! What a shame. I love those owls.

    Actually, I love every thing you posted here. I love to visit your blog!

    Are you posting for international blog action day?

  24. Thankyou for this. I want to hold those painted stones.
    And thankyou for bringing the Australian sculpture garden to my notice.

  25. Robyn I just love your art and reading your blog! I have passed on a blog award to you. Please go to my blog and read about it and pass it on if you like! Be well. Tj.

  26. Robyn, I have a little artist shrine where I put all my little finds from my walks. Yesterday I put them all in a little box and have added some new oak leaves and a found coin to my shrine. I will look for a rock today to add.
    Lots of love from susan in australia

  27. Thank goodness the carvings were photographed. They rival anything else I've seen. And the rocks, oh the rocks. Nature is the best place of all for soothing our souls, for connecting with the heart beat of the world. Thank you Robyn, for all the loveliness you find and share. You have such a marvelous eye for quality.

  28. The painted stones are lovely, and the enchanted world in the last few pictures is mesmerizing!

  29. I think every one who sees your blog must be a pack rat of some sort, cant walk without something coming home.
    I had never seen Bruno's art and I knew a lot were destroyed in the fire, I am not sure of the state of things at the moment but they were wonderful.

  30. Thanks Lisa, this is the first time I've heard of international blog action day. Will check it out.

    HHnB, the stones have had quite a response. There's something magical about them.

    Tj, thanks so much for your kind words and for the award.

    Susan, what a great idea! An artist shrine. Happy rock gathering.

    Leslie, it's a terrible thought that so many carvings were lost in the fire. Bruno's house was also destroyed but fortunately no lives were lost.

    Bindu, there are dozens more Bruno Torf sculptures to see on the internet ....quite stunning.

  31. I like that, "thought for food." The painted stones are wonderful. How natural they look, almost like they were born like that. Yes, Bruno's sculpture garden is enchanting.

  32. Dearest Robyn thank you for the love that you have sent to us for Sheldon, I won't forget it.

    Robyn I am so sorry to hear that your daughter has passed on. I am very sorry.

    Love Renee xoxo

  33. Really Fantastic shots !!I loved your Blog So Much !! Great Post..Unseen Rajasthan

  34. I was aware of the enchanted woodland carvings in Australia, i wasnt however aware of that they were destroyed, thats tragic. great post and just the right inspiration to get me into my autumn walking in the cotswolds.

    Regards Dave

  35. You always find the best stuff to show us. I want to pick up the painted rocks and rub my thumb across each one. A walk in Bruno's Sculpture Garden would be on my list of things to do if I was granted some wishes by the garden genie. And I would treasure one of Gaby's nature collections, opening it daily to marvel at it's tiny wonders.

  36. Thank you so much for a wonderful post and the links to these amazing artists. I love collections of things so I really enjoyed seeing the works of all these artists


  37. oh!

    Those boxes,

    Theytake me right back to a childhood fulll of magic.

    Thanks again for an amazing link.

  38. Penny, I believe Bruno is going to rebuild and recarve as much as he can. That's the spirit!

  39. Shayla, I enjoyed the "thought for food" quote too.

    Thanks Renee.

    Unseen Rajasthan, so glad you enjoy my blog!

    Dave, we stayed in a wonderful B&B in Chaddlington during our time in the Cotswolds. I can remember it so clearly. They had a huge brass bell outside which somebody coming home from a wedding, rang at midnight.

    Stevie, I must admit I relished each and every piece in this post.

    Carolyn, glad you enjoyed!

    Grrl, yes they are boxes to keep coming returning to.

  40. So sorry to know that so much beauty and wonder has been destroyed here. What a magical place. I hope he can rebuild it. At least we have the photos.

  41. Dear Robyn, I cannot believe all that I have missed the last two weeks... the color pinwheel by Richard Shilling is magical... and the decorated stones and the gorgeous assemblage boxes. What an incredible collection to inspire me this blustery morning... our first sprinkling of snow! Roxanne