Friday, June 26, 2009


I became aware of British sculptor, Antony Gormley's work whilst searching for angel images for a blog post and was blown away by this spectacular sculpture, Angel of the North.

Even more spectacular are the life size cast-metal figures (based on his own body) which are placed in settings that create an atmosphere of mystery.

"Another Place" reminds me of the beach scene in the movie, City of Angels.

In fact many of his installations have that ghostly feel to them.

Gormley's Field series is very striking. A rolling carpet of little terracotta people all looking up at the viewer.

...and then there is Waste Man created out of wood and furniture. Impressive, isn't he?

Antony Gormley's website is crammed with images of his work. Go here to browse.


  1. The last one makes me think of Atman - I am thinking of a particular old engraving.

  2. fantastic yes! ghostly!wouldnt you love one of his figures standing in your pond or pool??

  3. Hi Robyn,
    I do remember when you posted about Antony. He is pretty hard to forget!!!
    Waste Man, WOW, the message is so about art that speaks a language!

  4. Thank you for introducing me to the sculptures of Antony Gormley, his work is incredible. The first photo that you have posted here made my jaw drop...Wow!
    Thanks for posting his website link, I think I may spend quite some time browsing through it.

  5. Wow.
    Everyone looks so connected and so isolated at the same time.
    And the first work should perhaps be titled, "Multi-tasking". That is how I feel my spirit must look when I am attempting that activity!

    Happy weekend!

  6. These are absolutely wonderful!

  7. Wow!!!!!!! I can not even think of words for his work..
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are good

  8. Thanks os much for this post. I remember seeing an incarnation of Field at the Corcoran Museum in Washington DC -- years and years ago. I remember it often but never can remember the name of the sculptor and refresh my recollection of the work.

    There aren't many things that make me think "awesome" but Field is most definitely one of them.

  9. Great find. As i saw each installation, I kept saying this one is my favorite. No. This one is my favorite. They are all so compelling.

  10. Robyn! this guy knocks me out! thanks so much for the introduction :)

  11. "Another place" is on the beach at the end of the road at my Mum's place, so I have wandered through the figures many times and watched the tide cover or reveal them. There's a project he did in the Australian outback that I enjoyed reading about as well.

  12. when i saw the gormley figure in Jean's sidebar i just had to pop over! I am lucky enough to pass The Angel of the North when I go and visit my relatives in the North East of England and I absolutely love it. glad u do too!

  13. ArtSparker, I can relate to that though I don't know the engraving.

    Lyle....or on my patio keeping guard!

    Jo, you get the feeling that Antony is warning mankind don't you?

    Azirca, there are so many incredible pieces to see on the website. I spent a long time browsing there.

    Pamela, actually I wanted to rename it "In a Tizz" :-)

    Yoli, really wonderful!!!

    Katelen, I'm thrilled you appreciate them too.

    Melanie, there were many "Field" installations in several countries. You are so lucky to have seen it in person. Wow!

    Seth, exactly!

    Jeane, I love it when a post leads to new discovery!

    Annie, now I'm really green with envy. It must have been a weird feeling standing amongst these figures.....especially when the beach is deserted...and misty.

  14. Wow! He is amazing. Love the ghostly ocean of men and of course the terracotta carpet! Thanks for bringing these out to play.

  15. Robyn---what a great find! His figures look like a B grade Zombie movie and they're all coming to get ya! Scaryyyyy. Thanks for sharing.

  16. this work is breathtaking!! i am blown away by his talent and ability to make me feel!

  17. Hi Robyn,

    I shall be seeing the Angel of the North tonight as I journey south. Have also seen his sculpture in Winchester Cathedral, which name escapes me at the moments unless it's Sounds II or somesuch! Very clever man.

  18. Thank you Robyn for this introduction. His work is so very moving and powerful.

  19. Hi Robyn - I live quite near to the angel of the North - I can assure you that it is spectacular in real life. His Domain Field was on at Baltic in Newcastle and was an amazing experience to walk through. I understand his figures at Crosby are also wonderful (my son - Dominic Rivron's blog) posted a blog about this a short while ago.

  20. facsinatiing ... some pieces cause my jaw to drop, others seriously creep me out and others transport me ... I so admire someone that is able to bring their visons to life ... wow.

  21. Stunning ... .
    I must investigate further!
    Thanks for the links -

  22. total "thanda" (hope that's right)

  23. Hi there! We just opened Field for the British Isles today in Torquay - in a huge medieval barn, it looks incredible! Despite months organising this I hadnt seen Field before and am amazed, I could sit in front of it for hours. And have done! Torre Abbey, Torquay until 23 Aug. Sorry for the plug, but it really does look amazing. anna xx

  24. thanks for that...these are brilliant!

  25. Amazing... his are really does speak to you and the Waste Man is just awesome - speaks volumes!

    Jacky xox

  26. Leanne, glad you enjpyed them.

    Toni, I suppose they would be unnerving if you didn't know they were there and noticed them just as the sun comes up.

    Julie, they do make you feel don't they?

    Derrick, the Angel of the North must be quite an awesome sight.

    Katherine, enjoy!

    Weaver, I'm off to read your son's blog.

    Michele, my jaw dropped seeing all the tiny terracotta figures.

    Judith, enjoy!

    Mansuetude, total "thanda" will definitely do!

  27. Its great that you 'introduced' your readers to AG. I think we are really lucky to live about an hour away from 'Another Place' and have visited a few times. On the one hand, they are mysterious and compelling but also humorous and for that reason very accessible and loved. They are spaced far apart on the beach and occasionally sport a garment or hat someone has left behind. The ones nearer the water are gradually growing barnacles.

  28. Fabulous work, thank you for bringing his art to us. I post about artists on my blog as well. The Figurative Artbeat, So I appreciate the time you spent to bring his work to our attention.

  29. This artist is new to me. Normally, when I hear the words "installation art", I get twitchy and itchy, but his work is incredible. Thanks so much for the introduction.

  30. Oh yes, i know his fork from before, amazing guy. And i like your choice of his artpieces for this post.
    Another inspiring post, have a great week Robyn!

  31. I am determined to see one of his works ; it is on my fly to list,, Thanks, Robyn. JT

  32. To see his Angel of the North appear ahead as one breasts the motorway, going north is a wonderful experience. Then to stand beneath it (him?) and look up and touch the metal....
    We know we have reached Northumberland when the Angel appears.

  33. I love the one in the water (the wonderful blueness of it all I'm sure) and the terracotta ones immediately reminded me of seeing the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China. If you're not familiar with them, check them out. Each one had a unique face - I can't imagine!

  34. Oh Robyn, I love Another Place! You're so right, City of Angels... :)

    I'm so lucky because I pass the Angel of the North regularly when I travel to Newcastle for work, and one of his other sculptures, Iron: Man, is just outside the post office I go to a couple of times a week. They ARE awesome!

  35. Oh thankyou for this. I do admire is work and you have reminded me how much! Didn't he also have figures installed on top of london buildings?

  36. Wow, I love these pieces, all of them! You're right, "awesome" is the word!! They have such a presence to them - haunting, thoughtful, serene, agitating, regal - a little of everything. Simply beautiful,

  37. You collection of image choices have done justice to this gifted artist Robyn.

  38. I think Anthony Gormley is great Robyn. That Angel of the North has always been a firm favourite of mine. I have been past in many times and it is just so right where it stands. He doesn't clutter his work too much either. His figures do have a sense of facelessness, timelessness and mystery. That last one reminds me of the wicker man in the film of the same name.

  39. love his work,especially the little terracotta men and 'another place'

  40. Jackie, thanks so much for adding a little more info. I love the fact that barnacles are growing on them.

    Renee, ditto!

    Alice, it is time well spent, don't you think? I love discovering new artists and revisiting the ones I know.

    Kim, funny you should say that...I also geta bit twitchy when hearing installation.

    Thanks Thinker.

    Joan, let me know when you've seen it :-)

    Avus, it must be an amazing sight at sunset.

    Heather, the terracotta warriors came to mind the first time I saw "Field". Now that's an amazing sight I would love to see in person...the Terrecotta Warriors.

    Kendalee, seeing photos of Another
    Place gives me that same goosebump feeling as City of Angels.

    HHMBN, I had a feeling you admired these pieces. Not sure about the figures on buildings but it sounds possible.

    Karin, you describe them beautifully!

    Thanks T&S.

    Cathy, it's great hearing from bloggers who know these sculptures well.

    Megha, I'm intrigued by the contrast between the huge figures and the little terracotta people.

  41. Unas esculturas muy interesantes. Un placer descubrir a este artista. Le felicito por su blog.

  42. Incredible statements! Incredible art! Incredibly gifted!

    Thanks once again, Robyn!

  43. Totally impressive! Some of the installations remind me of Michael Ende's Momo.

  44. Anna, plug away! I just wish I could see it.

    India, glad you enjoyed them.

    Jacky, they do speak volumes don't they?

  45. Thanks Jacob.

    My pleasure, Curio.

    Anaka, so awesome! (I havn't read Momo yet)

  46. ooh! I think I have a new blog looks like burning man..the other masculine lady of the lake..

    but the hundreds of little clay dudes..well they look just like the Aboriginal shamans...the kadaicha men, who travel between this world and the dreaming...

  47. This is amazing art work, there is so much out there, and I only seen a bit of it. Thanks for sharing Robyn, nice blog btw. Anna :)

  48. OMG... the work is absolutely breathtaking!

  49. Hey Robyn,
    Great Post! Absoulutely amazing...makes me gaze in wonder at such wonderful creations


  50. These are amazing. Art has so many forms! The one with the little sticks of ghostly figures is so amazing. Each piece is so unique!

  51. my god. his work is colossal. If it weren't for you I'd never be exposed to work like his. clearly, he believes in pushing the envelope and how. Each image is stunning and a complete world in itself. very powerful work. Thanx so much for sharing this.

  52. Grrl, great aren't they?

    Thanks Anna.

    Manon, exactly!

    Queeny, so glad you enjoyed the post.

    Bindu, an amazing effect from such a simple idea!

    Vineeta, they make you catch your breath don't they.

  53. I like the surreal look of his people.

  54. Amazing! I've always wanted to fashion a crowd of little figures, though I would probably have to do so out of simple modeling clay. His work reminds me very much of this sculpture around one of the interior doors at the RISD museum...

    I don't remember who it's by and this is the only photo I could find of it so far...

  55. Wow! Thanks for sharing this artist's work - absolutely fantastic!

  56. the stick people are amazing! its interesting that this is so remarkable and amazing this body of work, yet my head instantly thinks...what do you DO with all this STUFF after it has exhibited? and it also reminds me about art more interesting, more sought out/exhibited when it is in such bulk? if he were to only make a few of these dudes who would care? it brings up fears/questions for me as an artist about what the art world wants/likes etc. (not to diss his work at all, it is really cool)but i can't help to feel that MASSIVE is what makes you. what do you think?