Friday, May 8, 2009


Pensive, by Rashida Ua Bakari Ferdinand (Fired earthenware clay vessel)

Each vessel has it's own story to tell. Each vessel has been held in the hands of an artist who has started out with the seed of an idea and then gone on to sculpt or fashion a vessel of thoughts. To hold a vessel is to place ones hands over the fingerprints of the artist. 

Beholden Vessel by Rashida Ua Bakari Ferdinand

"My spirit vessels are metaphorical representations of bodies as objects of physical, as well as spiritual containment. The emerging and introspective faces on the vessels evoke serenity and bring spiritual peace to my work."

Go to Currents of Clay to see more of these beautiful spirit vessels.

Terracotta Vessel, at the Hamill Gallery

Big Coil, by Jonathan Wood

Mythic Vessel 3 by Tim and Pamela Ballingham

Pussy Willow XIIII, by Markku Kosonen, Brown Grotta Arts

Early Light, by Mary Giles, Brown Grotta Arts

"I admire the directness and honesty I see in tribal art and i try to encorporate those qualities in my own. My baskets express both action and reaction to what I have loved in the past and what I am discovering today." - Mary Giles

Vessel crafted from plastic milk bottles, by Caroline Saul

Beaded Coconut Shells by Julie Zarrow Erickson


  1. all of these are so unique and amazing ... I couldn't pick a favorite if I wanted to!

    (ok, maybe that's a tiny exaggeration. even as I type I am still thinking of "Behold" ... and I love that the coconut shells are beaded on the inside)

  2. Michelle, it was Rashida's unique, wonderful vessels that started me on the vessel kick. Aren't they amazing! The beaded pieces also kept drawing me back to look at them.

  3. Unbelievable variety - I love the ways people find to use the materials around them.

  4. Oh my! What a treat these are...:-D

  5. Robyn, thanks for sharing these wonderful vessels.

    I love to come across artwork that has the possibility to hold something, even if that something is just our thoughts.

  6. Beverly, that's a big thrill for me too....seeing what people create from natural materials and whatever is available.

    Priya, aren't they just!

    Kim, I have a thing for containers of all sorts too.

  7. I so love the 3rd, 4th and 9th photo...for me they speak spiritual vessels but then the others do as well...I like them all...thank you for sharing these beauties!

  8. the beaded coconut shells - fabulous!

  9. Another great set of photos - new artists to me except for Caroline Saul who works here in Brighton. Something wonderful in each shot. Thanks for posting.

  10. Robyn, I've just been catching up on your last few posts and, as always, I just find myself oohing and aahing at all the loveliness you gather here! Thank you so much. I know you don't do it for us but I am grateful that I get to share in your finds. These vessels are gorgeous! I especially love the last two pictures.

    p.s. Walking a beach makes my spirit sing. And I need to address that. At the moment it doesn't happen nearly often enough.

  11. These are beautiful vessels Robyn. I love the quote, "My spirit vessels are metaphorical representations of bodies as objects of physical, as well as spiritual containment..." I think of us each as a vessel to hold, explore and experience. The better I know my vessel/container, the more I know of that spirit which lies within... Seeing the variety of ways these vessels are created reminds me of how varied we each are.
    I love the delicacy of Caroline Saul's transformed milk bottles - how amazing, to take something that won't break down for probably centuries and create the appearance of such fine delicacy. Each of these forms tells me a story - thanks for highlighting another wonderful collection!!

  12. I stared at the first image for a long time. The way the face appears out of the vase captivated my imagination. You know how I am drawn towards the human face...both spirit vessels seem to radiate real emotional vibes. I want to touch them both, to run my hands across their features with my eyes closed. Wow!

  13. thanks robyn for the gallery stroll, right here from this desk. i, of course, want to see all of these artists' works, and yours!! up close, but half a world away!! i will order some of the books featured on some of the sites, though.

  14. all lovely but my favorite is the one created from a milk bottle. it looks just like lace, amazing!

  15. Love the re-cycled milk bottle...incredible work.
    Robyn I just love the word "vessel" and you have certainly chosen some amazing examples here. Excited about there being a "vessel 2".

  16. Pensive is sooooo beautiful. How I would love to have that in my home and that beautiful Pussy Willow bowl.

    Jacky xox

  17. Great pieces, especially the ones by Rashida Ua Bakari Ferdinand.

  18. There's definitely something magical and primal about vessels. Maybe because in a way, they were the carriers of life in times past...well, I suppose that still holds true today.

  19. Mary Ann, I enjoyed searching for all these pieces and there are so many more I could use for several posts.

    Jeane, the beaded coconut shells are different aren't they?

    Annie, I'm wondering if the cut out milk bottles look as pretty in the "flesh".

    Kendalee, I get so much enjoyment finding all these amazing pieces of art and the cherry on the top is sharing them with bloggers who appreciate art.

    Karin, the variety is so intriguing. It amazes me that given a idea we will all interpret it differently. Even if there are similarities there are always elements that are unique.

    Stevie, it's so great to see you!I hope all the computer problems are sorted out.

    Nancy, the internet never fails to amaze me. As you say... a "gallery stroll" while sitting in a comfortable chair.

    Julie, creating lace from a milkbottle must be quite rewarding.

    Jo, the word "vessel" conjures up so many wonderful images in my mind. In an art sense the variety is astounding.

    Jacky, it would be rather nice to own a Rushida Ua Bakari Ferdinand, or two!

    Thinker, fantastic aren't they?

    Cynjon, I think if we counted how many vessels/containers we have in the home we would be surprised.

  20. Stunning, each and every one of them. After much deliberation and looking at all of the links, Pensive makes me catch my breath; Early Light makes me feel warm and safe; Caroline Saul's work simply delights me. Thanks for introducing me to these wonderful works and artists!

  21. oh my, i do love these vessels... especially 'big coil'. that surface! that shape!! xxoo

  22. I love the artist's statement regarding the spirit vessels and am delighted with the remade plastic milt jug. I'm going to investigate that artist furthur. Thanks, Robyn.

  23. How beautiful that you are sharing two posts on vessels... so much to see and then look closer and closer. I love the idea of the beaded coconut shells and how they sit on the river stones. The tall carved piece is amazing with all its passage ways, like a maze. And especially beautiful is the texture on the "Big Coil" Thanks so much for all the beauty that you share. Roxanne

  24. Beaded coconut shells???
    Gosh, wow...... I'm speechlessly amazed....!