Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The sound of a river sighing as it rushes by is good for the soul. Sweltering days followed by long stretches of rain have made it well nigh impossible to get any work done outside, but today as the sun slid behind a thick bank of cloud I bolted out to get some carving done. The river is quite full now which makes it louder than usual. As I relaxed into the rythm of carving the water sounds lulled me into a wonderful sense of calm. Work that made me grumpy last week because of the hard knotty wood I'm using, suddenly seems to flow without a hitch. It's as if a log jam has unwedged itself. Running water has a calming effect on me. Apparently it has something to do with the negative ions in the water.

"Being near water, especially moving water, gets ideas to flow." Dr Henriette Klauser proclaims,
"Studies show that people can react with headaches and fatigue when the air is charged with too many positive ions, due to such things as modern air-conditioning, television transmitters, and seasonal winds. To counteract this, so-called "negative air ionizers" generate an abundance of electrons in the air, making people more energetic and creative".
One can feel the benefits of negative ions in the air when walking in the woods, on a beach or near a river, breathing fresh air after rain or even taking a shower. They are more concentrated in the areas where there is moisture in the air caused by the breaking of the surface tension of water.
At the Health Benefit of Water site I found more information.
Natural negative ions can have have many benefits, like:
~enhance the immune system

~increase alertness
~increase work productivity and concentration
~reduce susceptibility to colds and flu
~relief from sinus, migraine headaches, allergies and hay fever
~reduce the severity of asthma attacks
~increase lung capacity
~stabilize alpha rhythms
Negative ions can also treat depression.
There's quite a lot of information about negative ions on google. Very interesting reading. It certainly explains why we feel so good near the ocean or after a shower.


  1. Well, this was a treat! I just popped over for my usual dosage of beauty here,and find that you've included me in your list of honorees! Thank you! Edward and I are delighted you enjoy visiting us, as yours is a favourite site for us as well!

    Love, love, love the giraffes!

  2. being near water always sooths any of my frayed nerves.

    I love the carved woman - is she new or not so new?

  3. Pamela, amazing aren't they?

    Michelle, this carving is an earlier piece but my camera is playing up so I havn't photographed the carving I'm actually working on.

  4. Your new carving is fabulous, Robyn. I adore your unique style. :)

  5. well, what a surprise, to come for a visit and find, like Pamela, I am included in your generous award list - thanks Robyn!

    The quote you shared regarding being near water is really interesting. I love flowing water, and now I know why I keep a small fountain flowing in my studio, when I can't have my windows open to the waterfall we've created in our garden. granted, they are both man made facsimiles, but they do help create that energy of flow... So glad the rivers rhythm carried you through the knots and past the log jam! Loved that metaphor :)
    many thanks,

  6. Thank you, Robyn for thinking of me. I am going off till sometime in March... when i get back, I am tag rich already; then i can get to know some of your recommended Bloggers, too!

    I love your water ion story; i always believed water did clean the soul, imaginatio; here science and theory marry the earth and the water within us. I believe it.

    You have a lot of red iron in your earth, is it claylike too (like in the Carolina's_ a big pottery state in the "old days" here.


    One of my favorite quotes in all literature is this, from Out of Africa.

    "If I know a song of Africa, of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back, of the plows in the fields and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me? Will the air over the plain quiver with a color that I have had on, or the children invent a game in which my name is, or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me, or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for me?"
    — Isak Dinesen

    After witnessing you and Love Bug, I think that the air knows a song of you, Robyn. I'm not sure it is true for me yet, but for you, it is.

    Thank you.

  7. It is supposed to storm tomorrow. I hope I am influenced by a lot of negative ions. I need some inspiration.

    I wonder if this theory is why it is always prettier outside after a lightening storm....

  8. Your tall woman is beautiful and elegant, Robyn!

  9. I agree about the water- the museum I lived in had a creek running through it but due to the drought was dry almost 90% of the time I lived there. When it did rain and the creek flowed, things would be so much nicer in the park- things were calmer, people were happier, tourists came more...I would tell people it was because the creek was flowing but everyone always shook their head at my hippy nonsense. If only I'd known about the ions- I could've proved my madness with science!

    Thanks for the link to Shelly's blog, great stuff!

  10. lol, i will echo pamela! thank you, my friend...

    this river looks like it's taking a lot of soil with it wherever it's headed. you must have had a lot of rain indeed.


  11. Running water is perfect for contemplation...
    Thanks for stunning links!

  12. Congratulations on these two awards. Your blog deserves it and more.

    That thought on the flowing river is interesting. I must check it out sometime.

  13. The new carving looks like a fertility goddess. I know what you mean about negative ions. Love 'em. As a Canadian in the middle of winter, this currently translates into a strong affection for woodstoves.

  14. Robyn - as usual, I have learned something new here - so interesting about the negative ions in the running water and how that affects us - water does have a calming affect and now I have an idea why - loved your description of the log jam opening - thank you for the award - I am honored and will display it proudly! xxo

  15. I'm glad your running river water has given you all the perfect ions you need...your carving is beautiful.

  16. Thanks so much Willow.

    Karin, manmade water fountains apparently generate negative ions.

    Mansuetude, the earth is red in some areas. Our garden is fortunately not. Imagine all the red paw prints on my walls from the monkeys. They jump from the big tree and bounce themselves off my house walls and into the next tree.... Like a spring board.
    Beautiful Isak Dinesen quote. What a wonderful thing to say about "a song for me". Thank you! I definitely think you have a song.

    Stevie, I love walking outside after a hail storm. There's something so invigorating about it. Now we know.

    Thanks so much Bindu.

    Little Brown Sparrow, I read about drought generating positive ions so wonder its such a relief when the rains bring the negative ions.

    Lynne, a few days ago the river was really thumping down, scouring out the banks. It's slowed down quite a bit now.

    B&W, it's almost a relief to walk near running water. Meditative...contemplative.

    T&S, there's a lot of information on google.

    Shayla, I started out along those lines...a fertility goddess, which sent me off into a phase of Goddesses.
    It must be freezing in Canada!

    Jeane, I also crave to be in the mountains which is another negative ion source. As you say...now I know why.

    Thanks Mary Ann.

  17. I miss our little local creek in the summer. The creek bed is is covered in pea gravel, beautiful ochre colours, but no trickling water!

    Thankyou for the award, I am very honoured that you should think of me.

  18. Robyn,
    You are one of the most gracious bloggers I know..... like the river your words flow effortlessly over a numbr of topics, bubbling and travelling smoothly toward a goal...

  19. I can just imagine the rythm of your carving matching the rush of the water. Congratulations on these awards and thank you for introducing some blogs that are new to me.

  20. Such a lovely post. Reminds me of times spent staying next to a river in Wales and missing it's continuos company once I left to come home.

    It was also great to read by surprise that you have passed on an award to me. Thanks for the gift of that. Will be taking a look at the other blogs you chose. I am in for another treat, I am sure.

    Best wishes, and thanks again, Ax

    Ps. LOVED the giraffe shots as well. They are welcome to come here for breakfast any day!

  21. Robyn, I've given you an award. You have probably been given it dozens of times already, but you are my favorite art blog so you came to mind first.

  22. I know what you mean about water. In high school I had to write a scholarship essay about the importance of water. Being in an agricultural area, I presume everyone wrote about the typical nourish the land stuff. However, I wrote about the soothing, mental aspects of it. I won the award.

    When I used to scull (row), I know I felt much more calm and connected. My mother also loved boats, and I know it had to do with the water thing. I need to lose weight so I can get back in my boat!

    (And I also need to move up my trip to Africa - your photos are so beautiful.)

  23. yes, being near water always causes ideas to flow for me too. first it seems everything stops, and the space inside me empties out and is soothed. then later, the ideas come. i find it hard to imagine not living next to the river, even though it's nerve wrecking and unpredictable too, it keeps me remembering impermanence...

    your blog is like a river.

  24. How wonderful to have a river in your garden!

    And it's amazing how intuitively we respond to all the great benefits of being near water without even knowing why, isn't it? Even more reason to seek out that little beach house I dream about now that I KNOW it's going to be so good for me ;)

    Congrats on the awards!

  25. Robyn:I followed your blog long before I had a blog. It is such an inviting place to come visit. I am feeling the need for a walk by the water. It seems cleansing to me. Congratulations for your awards. The biggest award of all is the connection we all share here. Thank you.

  26. HHMN, as soon as I have Broadband I'm heading over to listen to and watch dog crossing the creek. I managed a snippet (very slow) and loved the sounds of the creek.

    Grrl, that is such a sweet thing to say, thank you!

    Seth, creative bliss!

    Annie, you'd have to get in a few sacks of oats for breakfast :-)

    Stevie, thank you so much!I'll be over in a sec.

    Heather, I think I would enjoy sculling. A short spell canoeing was sooo enjoyable. Book your trip in Autumn (April, May) when the weather is mellow. ...unless you like frying in Summer.

    Katie, I love you description about the soothing effects of rivers....and thank you.

    Kendalee, there is a fence between our garden and the river but the sound is everpresent. Excellent idea...a beach house.

    Thank you Leslie. yes the biggest award is the connection we all share.

  27. I am so glad you posted about negative ions. I remember someone telling me about them when we lived in Hawaii, and it is one thing I had completely forgotten about. It's one of the things that made me believe I needed to surf in order to be happy!!! ha ha ha
    Congrats on the well-deserved awards. You have a wonderful, wonderful blog.

  28. well, i always knew this, just for me personally...i feel like a different person when i am near the ocean...so much better, so much more me. i did not know, however, that it was actually a scientific fact. cool! now there are really no excuses for me to move to the ocean...it's for my health!!