Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Delicate Wait III (detail) by Giselle Hicks

Who wouldn't be amazed at the beauty of a tiny Hummingbird's nest covered in moss and lichen.....or watching a Thrush feed a nest full of chirping, gaping mouths.........or at finding a clutch of speckled eggs in a hollow nest, still warm from the mother bird.

Passage by Giselle Hicks  (photograph from the book 500 Figures in Clay).

Giselle Hicks writes in her artist statement...

"I am fascinated with the idea that skillful construction with delicate materials can yield a structure strong enough to house and protect the fledgling inhabitant of the nest. This process demands diligence, patience, careful craftsmanship, commitment and resilience. These same qualities are required to build and maintain relationships to a person, family, and community. "

Bird in Nest, Etching by Scott Fitzgerald

Bird Nest by Antonia Munroe. See more of her delicate bird nest paintings here.

Joe Pogan's Bird and Nest made from found objects.

Fiona Hall has made a series of nests from shredded dollar bills. Lifelike aren't they?

Nils-Udo Clemson Clay Nest 2008 Installation.

Man sized nest created by Benjamin Verdonck. (There is an egg in the nest...as well as a man)


  1. oh, the man sized nest! how lovely it would be to peer out from a nest at the humans walking below!

    the friend that i just visited has seen two sets of prayer flags trailing behind a squirrel as he (presumably) takes them to his nest. she keeps looking through her binoculars, hoping to see this prayer flag-full nest!


  2. again! - you have posted my heart again - the second image by Scott Fitzgerald makes me speechless.

  3. 2nd to last....I want to tip toe inside and curl up and watch the world go by.
    Thankyou R.

  4. Trees and now nests two fabulous posts. Beautiful pictures.

  5. The bird made out of found objects is so adorable. And the painting by Antonia Munroe is amazing!

  6. Oh, wow! These are all amazing, but if I had to chose just one, it would have to be the Pogan piece with the nails. Great post.

  7. Love your nest collection Robyn.. Can't resist them either.. a home, a shelter, a place of security and comfort.. beautiful intricacies...

  8. Wow - that man nest is wild! As always, I enjoyed your assemblage of nests and the links.

  9. Amazing sleuthing as usual Robyn! Who on earth thinks up a man-sized nest?

  10. Robyn, the nest is beatiful symbol, your selection of nests is amazing.

  11. These nests are awsome, especially the man-nest! We all have that "nesting" desire, don't we? Very nice post.

  12. these are some pretty amazing little creations. there is such beauty in nests and their seemingly random forms of found objects creating a home.

  13. Lovely pics...
    And now for an obvious? question:
    Where is Robyn's Nest?
    And how do we all create our own?
    Interesting food for thought, my friend...

  14. Lynne, I love the image in my head of squirrels scampering away with prayer flags trailing behind them.

    Jeane, I'm inclined to agree. It's such a beautiful etching.

    HHMN, I wonder if you would be able to see over the edge :-)

    Thanks Blu.

    Bindu, I can't stop looking at Antonia Munroe's work. Her paintings are so beautiful.

    Thanks Willow. Don't you just love the nest on the street signs.

    Gwen..."beautiful intricacies" ...that sums it up perfectly.

    Theresa, I'm wondering if the man in the nest is cuckoo.

    Heather, man's imagination never ceases to amaze me.

    Thanks Black& White. They are rather fascinating aren't they.

    Thanks Katie Jane. I'm enjoying looking at them all if I say so myself.

    Michele, have you ever watched a bird spring cleaning it's nest? They are quite house proud.

  15. Hi DJ.....at the end of my last post :-)

  16. What a great curator you are! I love many of these, but I think my favorite is the "found object" one of Pogan's. Although that "man sized" nest is quite wonderful, too. How appropriate, this is the time of year here where it's cold outside and my own "nesting" instinct kicks in. Bring on the hot tea!

  17. Love the theme of this post. Such varied creations. It is so interesting to see how different artists interpret the same theme.

  18. Another interesting series. "Joe Pogan's Bird and Nest made from found objects" is my pick of this series...Thomas

  19. What a wonderful post... I am one of those nest lovers. They are all so beautiful.
    I love this continuation of the nature theme from the last post on trees.
    I think my favourite is the clay nest and bird.

  20. The nests are all so beautiful and unique. I collect nests with my brother. We only have two so far though... one from a Christmas tree last year, one from our back-yard that had been abandoned. Nests are so amazing and delicate. I would love to have my own nest to watch the world below. Great post!


  21. hey that's damn interesting post!
    liked the junky found object one...

  22. Karine, it is blistering Summer here but I will think of you cosying up with envy.

    Seth, I enjoyed this post so much I could go on and on searchig for nests.

    Thomas, glad you enjoyed them.Click on Pogan for more of his pieces.

    Jacky, since I've enjoyed this theme so much my next post is goig to be EGG.

    Queeny, I have one nest which the monkeys found in the xmas tree outside my studio window.Fortunately the Robin babies were able to look after themselves and had left a few days earlier.

    Thanks Nikheel, you've got some damn interesting posts on your blog too. :-)

  23. Robyn,
    Your blog is like a nest...you constantly feed me and others with inspiration...I love all the nests here...the etching made me jump and yes I love the human size nest!!! Hmm, wouldn't it be nice!

  24. These are incredibly inspiring. Such arrestingly beautiful images! I want to sit inside the life-sized nest!

  25. Jo, you say the nicest things....I think I'm repeating myself :-)

    Pamela, yes I wouldn't mind sitting inside a man sized nest...with an eiderdown, a flask of coffee and binoculars.

  26. There's an overall feeling of tenderness in this collection. No wonder it's resonate for so many. Heh, heh-I got a kick out of the man nest.

  27. that egg nest on the side of the building is freaky! I love the top two eggs. So intriguing. thanks for a very interesting read.

  28. Girrl...you know I love this!! Nests are absolu-freakin-lutely my "thing"! Now, if I can just find a way to create one I can nap in...