Friday, July 25, 2008


I discovered the extraordinary work of Ron Pippin at Sparrow Salvage.....a blog I am wallowing in at the moment!

"Pippin makes books that don't open but whose covers bear talismans like butterflies and lizard skins, and whose edges are crowded with tabs and markers, assuring that material of significance lies bound within." - Los Angeles Times April 16 1999.


  1. Those books are pretty amazing. Can the be written on, or are they just pieces of art? I would be great to be able to use them.

  2. Thanks for the Blogorific mention, Robyn:-)

    I love those glimpses into your quote book:-)

    Those sure are intriguing books, I'll head over and look at the site later. How on earth do you find and keep track of so many wonderful blogs?

  3. Wow! You know I also love old mellow patina-ed (is this a word?) metal objects. I often pick a beautiful old tool, lock, hinge or key up at a flea market. Just because. It is fabulous to see these kinds of glorious items all together to form a unique piece of art!

    Congrats on the well deserved award, too! :)

  4. robyn...I love your words and I love what you create. May I have your permission to add your blog to my sidebar? Although I haven't commented until now, I have been visiting regularly. Thanks for sharing the amazing work of Ron Pippin. And as for my power words...they change depending on what inspires me on a particular day, but today they are: ritual, soul, gather, earth, reverence, salvage, spirit.

  5. I look forward to seeing more of your altered journal. It looks amazing!

  6. Jason, they are works of art that can't be used. I can't stop looking at them...they are so incredible!

    Cherry, there are some wonderful pieces there but also quite a few that give me the creeps. I'm not really into taxidermy.
    Keeping up with all the blogs? You can be very quick hopping from one to the next and most posts are short.

    Willow the more you collect them the more you love them. I suppose thats how all our collections start.

    Kate, I am thrilled to be put on your side bar and I would love to do the same. I love your power words for the day!

    Pamela terry and edward, I don't often get the time to work on it but find it's a great way to get the creative juices flowing when I'm stuck.

  7. Those books look quite tribal and sinister...I like them but I don't know if I would want to own one! Thank you for showing them.

  8. Sparrow Salvage and Ron Pippin are now saved in my Favorites. Many, many thanks for the great link info.
    Susan Madden

  9. I keep a quote book too. I need to get on the ball to catch up with you, as I don't have nearly as many written in it as you do. One year I printed quotes, cut them out and taped them on my daily calendar at work in order to have a thought to meditate on each day.

  10. Jackie, the books I have shown here are quite tame in comparison to some of the pieces Ron Pippin creates. :-)

    Susan, I get quite a thrill finding new art and blogs that speak to me.

    Stevie, I copy quotes very quickly into notebooks. They are nothing special but the altered book is a different story... very time consuming.....and I really need to loosen up or it takes away the joy.

  11. thanks for the peak into your art journal. and, you're right his altered books are just grand.

  12. What incredible books, I love all the metal and attachments. I may try something like these with my art students this fall. I also love your writing and visiting your blog! Roxanne

  13. I really relate to how you speak about words. As a trained journalist, words are a vital part of my life. I know that's why I like blogging so much - I'm crafting a piece of art when I choose just the right word.

  14. These books are so incredible. I actually gasped when I saw them! Loved the glimpse into your journal too.

  15. Seth, my reaction exactly!

    Heather,I love that..... "crafting a piece of art when I choose just the right word".

    Roxanne, thank you. I wish I had had teachers who suggested such projects when I was at school.

    Julie, glad you enjoyed the post!

  16. Book sculptures!!!... they are so intriguing..

    What a great post Robyn.. Always filled with inspirational thoughts and things to make our minds click around on that big cog...

    I love the "7 words" idea and the meanings they hold...I have some too:

  17. Gwen, great power words you have chosen. I could actually choose 107!

  18. I agree thoroughly about your "room without books" quote.
    I love going into houses with bookshelves - they can tell you so much about a person (if you do not get lost in the leaves of the first shelf!)

  19. great post Robyn. Today my power words are sister, nature, fly, marvel, luscious -- but they change all the time (or at least, more of them join the list.) These books are amazing.

  20. Ron Pippin's work is amazing. I'd love to see a show of his art, books in particular.