Saturday, April 26, 2008


I discovered the fascinating work of Tim Hawkinson via .

This piece is called Sweet Tweet. Isn't it charming? But not all of his works are as innocent and whimsical as this one. There is also a tiny "Bird" which looks fascinating until you realize it is made of finger nail pairings. Very clever though.

To see more go to


  1. Glad to see you found some other pieces by Tim you like more than the little bird!

    Your work is beautiful, by the way. So glad you've found me over on my blog and thanks for all the great comments. I really appreciate each one.

  2. opps! I meant to post with my found object ID, and instead linked to my other blog...

  3. Stunning work- thank you for sharing this!


  4. South Australian artist Annabelle Collette had an exhibition at the Jam Factory (in Adelaide) a couple of years ago which seemed a rather obsessive-compulsive affair. among the works were dresses decorated with wishbones (from chickens) and a gruesome pair of thongs (a.k.a. jandals in NZ and flipflops in USA) which had been encrusted with 20 years worth of nail-clippings. ugghh.

  5. How lovely! is this piece he did.