Saturday, January 5, 2008


My first thought when I wake in the morning is, what will I create today? Art is the way I express myself. It creates a mind space where I feel most like Me.

I carve tall, wooden totems which "speak" of ancient tribes living close to nature. Tribes guided by seasonal changes, the fauna and flora and ancient legends which are handed down from one generation to the next. Tribes from an unknown land or lost civilization. Almost African but not quite.

My hope for this blog is for it to be an oasis of all things arty. What inspires me to create and what inspires all artists to do what they do. Favourite artists, books, quotations, internet links, ideas, tips, themes and different types of art, different name it, as long as it is art propelled.


  1. What an amazing artist you are...your sculptures deeply intrigue me. I feel expanded and almost breathless, by your boundless creative passion and your connection to me. I celebrate your new blog Robyn!

  2. I agree with all that Shelley said in her comment, Robyn.
    Your words and your work are always an inspiration for me and I feel there are great things in store for you this year! Onward and Upward in 2008 :)

  3. Oh I can finally comment!! Thank you for changing it Robyn!
    Wonderful that you started this new blog, so exciting!! I look forward to your posts! What a great start into 2008!!


  4. Congratulations on the new blog Robyn, it's off to a wonderful start.

    I know it'll be an inspiration to all who come here.

    Keep creating!


  5. Fabulous that you have started a blog, Robyn:-) Look how many people already cite you as an inspiration - me included of course - just think how many more you will be able to inspire now...And how many more people will get to see your wonderful work. Joyful indeed!

  6. Robyn,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad I could give you a laugh, though I hope I did not give you a hernia!!! This totem is absolutely amazing. I love the textures, and figures within figures. I wish I could reach out and touch it. Welcome to blogland!!!

  7. Robyn, Thank you for sharing your passion... It ignites a fire!!!

    I will read your blog like a favourite book!!!

  8. Your sculptures are amazing! or the one i've seen is. I will continue to read your stuff and look at the wonderful art you have posted here