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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Map ed Veveiis, artist's book by Genevieve Seille  

"Hinges, by definition, are not autonomous -- they can exist by themselves, but for them to perform their function, fulfill their humble nature -- they rely upon other completely different, yet intertwined parts"  -  M. Snowe

Shrine by Donna Flax  (I believe Donna runs workshops but I havn't been able to find a link).See more Altars, Shrines and Holy Thing on Pinterest, here 

Artists use hinges in any variety of ways 
Some hinges are used on doors 
Others to join two or more elements together
Found hinges are adapted to create jewellery or mini sculptures....
and then there is the hinge that  serves no purpose at all except to look rusty.

Artists are known to be resourceful and will create their own hinges
Some are as simple as a few loops or  ties connecting several pieces together
Others are more complicated.

Sue Brown creates the most beautiful enamelled concertina books and note books. See here and here and here. 

Field Notes by Sue Brown

Found object jewellery by Monique Weston. See here.

Experimental book by Odine Lang. See website here.

Altered book triptych by Glen Skein. Found here.      See Glen's website here.

Log Book by Ronald King. See more here

Waxed Diptych and stylus. Diptychs were known among the Greeks from the sixth century before Christ. They served as copy-books for the exercise of penmanship,  for correspondence and various other uses. Read an interesting article here.

Wax tablets have been found in various forms, ranging from a single slab of wood with waxen surface to a ten or more paged book.

A book of wax tablets shown at the National Museum for Art and Cultural History in Bremen, Germany

Very old bird cage, found here