Thursday, January 29, 2009


Heather over at A Cherished Life tagged me for the 6th Picture Meme. This happens to be my 6th of the 6th and though it's not the best photograph I'm sticking to the rules.

Over the last ten years or so quaint little hair salons have popped up all over South Africa (and throughout the rest of Africa too). The quaintest salons are the tiny makeshift shacks on the side of the road and the best thing about them is their wonderful hand painted sign boards advertising the variety of hairstyles on offer. These sign boards are becoming sought after works of art. I am planning on doing a post about them once I've collected a selection of photographs taken on our jaunts around town.

~Bug learned to perch today!
~We've found an Animal Rehabilaitation Centre out in the country where we hope to release him when the time comes. There are too many prowling cats and dogs here (Bella the Foxy in particular) just waiting to pounce on anything that moves. The other day Bella trotted proudly into the house with a hummingbird in her mouth. Fortunately she hadn't started munching on it and we were able to release it .


  1. Bug is looking great. I notice that the picture that you posted shows a bald man, I wonder if he had a close shave! I will try and visit the links, to your fellow bloggers. Best wishes Blu.

  2. Blu,close shaves are the order of the day!

    HHMN, Goodnight :-)

  3. I really like One Pink Book and the Twinings Tea House book. Thanks again for inspiring links!

  4. So cute to see Bug's little feet clutching your finger. You must be so proud. :)

  5. Thank you Robyn for participating in this little exercise.... I hate these kind of things, but I didn't want to be a poor sport, so I appreciate those who have also done so.

    I have checked out all the blogs you posted, loved them all :-)

    Now on to "Bug" - I am delighted to know you will have somewhere to release him safely... in the organization I belong to, our goal is to keep our wildlife wild... it is so hard trying not to habitualize them... because they are so darn cute. This spring/early summer I will be releasing the wildlife I have had in my care for almost a year.... I will miss them terribly.

    Thank you for the care you are giving this little fellow.


  6. go, Bug, go!

    looking forward to your salon post. :)

  7. Thanks Robyn for the sweet words. I will post my pic tomorrow evening. I'm afraid it won't be as interesting as yours....I already took a peek at the 6th in the 6th....I'll probably post the 7th in the 6th too is amusing.

    I'm looking forward to the post about the hair signs. I love folkart.

  8. thank you robyn. my sixth pic in the sixth folder is Cindy. i think it is about time she got a post dedicated entirely to her, so will post as soon as i have one ready.
    i am enjoying the photos of Bug. he reminds me of a little kitten.

  9. oooo robyn - these barber shops and signs are just wonderful! and of course all things pertaining to Bug, are even more wonderful - how fabulous to have found a home for him/her when the time is right!

  10. than you robyn.i will play along.
    bug is so cute,i think i am finaly going to bring a pet home the children have been asking forever and i kept saying no,but now we have more space.

  11. There is a lovely book out called "Corvus" by a woman who has reared a lot of young birds and made them part of her family. Can't remember her name but I am sure you could find it on the internet. He looks a cute little chap.

  12. Great photo! Looks like Rapunzel's braid is hanging down from the balcony .. in the mirror reflection, which goes perfectly with the signs.

    Hi Bug!!

  13. Heather (Queen of Destiny), Glad you liked them.

    Bindu, proud and beaming from ear to ear.

    Heather (A Cherished Life), Letting go after a year must be heart wrenching. Are you then ready for the next batch?

    Michelle, you won't believe the progress he is making!

    Stevie, I look forward to amusing....but then I know I'm going to smile when I visit your blog.

    Priya, I'm glad Cindy will be getting her moment of fame :-)

    Jeane, I will miss seeing him flit around the garden after his release but rather safe than sorry.

    Megha, you will all love having a pet and your kids will be exstatic.

    Thanks Weaver I'll have a look for it.

    Mansuetude, I've only just noticed the refelction above the door, of the Take Away sign on the opposite side of the road.

  14. i just noticed that now too--my earlier "reflection" comment refers to what i see in the rear view window of the car; now, its an even richer photo because you cause me to look again--the photo has a human shadow getting hair cut deep inside by another figure. So many levels seen in it!

    That is why blogging gets strange--It takes time to see, as the painter Georgia O'Keeffe wrote about her own work... we're all rushing around too much, gobbling things.
    Its hard to see the subtlty of anything...
    maybe i will take a time and close my eyes so i can see again.
    Kisses to bug..
    and bugs, too. :)

  15. Mansuetude, yes we do need to remind ourselves to look at the details. Life is too rushed and it takes discipline to actually slow ourselves down to savour the moment.

    Seth, my pleasure.