Friday, March 7, 2008


I love to browse the internet looking for unusual art and I am constantly amazed at how clever people are!

I fell madly in love with these brightly coloured crayon sculptures by Pete Goldlust. They are so simple and yet there's a magic about them. Memories of that first box of 48, no doubt.

Jonathon Callan is another artist who thinks outside the box. He created this huge organic form out of I don't know how many books and there are a lot more ideas where that came from. It was quite difficult to decide which piece to share.

There are several examples of Jennifer Maestro's fascinating pencil sculptures on Hundreds of pencils were cut into 1-inch sections, points were sharpened, holes were drilled and they were all joined together.....and Voila! Well thats over simplifying it but you get the general idea.
The concept behind Elaine Hanowell's lighted sculptures is not that unusual but they are rather beautiful. She makes each piece with handmade paper, bamboo and collage elements which she collects from all over the world. You can see more of her delightful Calligraphy Koi on :

Out of all the unique artworks I have seen Jean-Luc Cornec's phoney sheep are still my favourites. What do you think?


  1. Hi Robyn, thanks for digging out these unique artists and showing their work here. The weird world of Pete Goldlust in particular caught my fancy.

  2. Love those crayons, Robyn. Definitely a gift for the sophisticated five year old within;-)

  3. WOW!!!
    When I pulled up your blog page, I just froze and stared open-mouthed at those crayons....
    (you should see the condition of crayons in my classroom!!LOL )
    Love the book sculpture, the koi, and of course, the phoney sheep. Have seen the pencils, also...
    As for choosing, that's impossible for me! They're all awe-inspiring...

    But I still love this cool South African chick that carves soul and beauty into wood totems...
    IMHO, ahem.

  4. Hi Robyn
    Wish my crayons and colouring pencils looked like that. Those sheep are so clever. How is your work coming along? 3D rocks. Good to hear your voice again.

  5. love the sheep...used to melt my crayons together in the sunshine to make rainbow puddles on the page, but nothing as sophisticated as those exquisite carvings

  6. Love these artists you have showcased and I really love your work, too. Great blog, beautiful and inspiring.

  7. Wow Robyn, thanks for sharing all this lovely unique work with us, I'd seen the pencil art before, but not the carved crayons, they're divine.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog too.

  8. The crayons are amazing! Thanks for gathering all this art together for us.

    Of course, since I live in rural Illinois I'm partial to those sheep...who are not sheep.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  9. Awesome art, thanks for collecting it and sharing with us.

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